Q.  Why do you use so much Christian language and concepts in your writing?

A.  At first, I was very uncomfortable with the language that the beings who speak through me were using and I was resistent to use so called Christian terms. As I worked more with these beings, I began to understand why they were using this language.

I grew up in a family who attended church each Sunday until I was about 12 years old. My parents adopted many “rules” of the church like not doing certain things on Sunday, not using alcohol and so on. Being part of a church community was just how it was and I attended Sunday school and sat in on church services and learned many things including other people’s views about Jesus and God and the rules that I believed were the truth.

As  I got into my teen years,  I started to make more sense of what I learned and became a keen observer of other people. Much of what I learned was that I was a sinner, God hates sinners, I could only have a relationship with Jesus through the church and most important that people talk about one thing and do another. This all changed my relationship with who I call “church people”. What I had accepted as a child without question became something that I no longer wanted anything to do with.

I felt like I was really damaged by what I learned and completely moved away from having anything to do with churches and their teaching or church people. This all started to change this past year and I am making a conscious effort to heal all of what I think of as past wounds. And this was one major area of wounding for me.

As part of my healing process, I have been guided to read Christian books and interact with church people. This made me so aware of how judgmental I had become over the years and I wanted this to change to tolerance and acceptance.

As well during this time, Mother Mary and Jesus began to speak to me and it took a long time for me to be comfortable with these loving beings whom I still associated with Christianity which made me feel uncomfortable.

I have come to realize that part of my job as a lightworker is to heal this aspect of my past and help others who have had similar experiences be able to sort out the truth about God, Jesus and  Mother Mary from the sometimes distorted version of these beings that we learned about as children.

For me, this has meant often using the language of my childhood. I am given Christian language to use because it is part of how I think and part of what needs to be healed. And, I find that as I grow more comfortable with this language and learn more about how loving and accepting God, Jesus and Mother Mary are, the old wounds are healing and I am able to make peace with the spiritual part of who I am.

From the perspective of Jesus and Mother Mary, they don’t really care what language we use and they are referred to by many names like Sananda and Isis. And it matters not how you refer to what I call God or Source or the Central Sun, Universe, Spirit,  or the multitude of other names that are used.

There is a reason that I am using so called Christian language. This is part of my work with God. I am to help people on this planet to heal and know that they are loved dearly regardless of what has happened in their lives and to help them learn that we all are a part of the divine that is known as God.

If you’re uncomfortable with the language that I’m being given or choose to use, then change it. Use whatever language feels right for you, because it is all referring to the same beings.

As they have said to me, they don’t care what you call them, just call them. They long to have a relationship with you using the language of your choice.

Blessings, sheryl


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