Lunar Eclipes

Q. What would you like us to know about the eclipse that is happening tonight?

A.  There are a number of things that will be associated with this eclipse. The first is that this is another opportunity for you to call upon the energy of the light codes to further anchor this energy into the earth and into yourselves.

This can be done by putting yourself in a holon of light and running the energy of the light codes from the source, down through the crystalline grid and your chakra system and then down into the diamond core of the earth. Just set up the running of this energy and let it continue for a few minutes. This will accomplish two things.

One is that it will focus more light from the Source down to achor into the crystalline grid and then down into the earth. This will help to raise the light frequency of the planet.

Those of you who are keys to this process will be asked to do this work in many locations over the coming month or so until what you know as the Solstice in September. We hope and expect that by that time, this part of the work will be done.

The second benefit of running this energy is that the light code energy will be anchored within your chakra system, helping you to raise the level of light within yourselves. This is important for you to be able to continue with the work that you are doing as beings of the light.

Another part of the work of the lunar eclipse is to help to balance the level of dark and light that is on the planet right now. I will not go into detail for that is not my work, but by bringing in the energy of the light codes, you are helping to offset the balance for the healing and stabilization of the planet. This work is being done by many across the earth in many different ways and bringing in the light code energy is just one of these ways.

There is also a direct benefit to the people who surround you in your world. Those around you will be affected by the change in your energy. You are bringing in this energy for them as well. As you change, the light spreads from you to them like ripples in a pond and affects there internal level of light without them having to be conscious of doing anything. This is part of your work.

The activation of the light codes is happening slowly as it would be too disruptive you your systems to do this any faster. You are already undergoing many energy shifts and we attempt to pace the release of the light codes as is comfortable for you. This will continue to be monitored.

You ask for more information about the light codes. It is a specific type of light energy that is one of many types of energy that are being adjusted and anchored into the grid. So you may read or hear of other ways to work with the energy and they all are necessary. I speak not of them as this is not my role as communicator. This information will come from others.

We will continue to release information about the light codes as the timing is appropriate. For now, you just need to know that we request that you continue to anchor this energy this day, and any day or place you feel guided to do so, for this is an ongoing process.

Those of you who are active keys will be running this energy everywhere you go and it is still helpful to be consious of this when guided. Those of you who are passive keys must consciously ask for this to be done. This is the difference between active and passive keys. Active means active, always the light code energy is doing what it needs to be doing. Passive for this purpose means that you are doing the same work, you just need to do it consiously.

This light code energy is coming to planet earth to be used for healing, both of individuals and of the planet as a whole. It is an energy souce that your ancestors had access to but was misued and was locked away. It is the time of release.

Some of you will begin to get direct downloadings of information about the light codes and we ask you to share this information with other light workers so that they have a consious understanding of the energy and it’s purpose.

This is all that is needed to be known for now, that the energy is being anchored and that it is being activated. You will begin to feel the effects of it during activation as some of the same symptoms that you have been feeling like fatigue and strange physical and emotional sensations. Again, this is part of the clearing process. Getting rid of the dark beans and replacing them with light.

We continue to be of service as we encourage you to join in this effort.

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


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