Here we go again

I actually had a few good days early last week when the world seemed bright, I had lots of energy and felt wonderful. And then the lunar eclipse happened, and once again the fatigue, despondency and an array of physical symptoms has begun. I asked “What is this about?” and “Why are we going through this again?” Here’s the response.

There was another giant influx of energy of the light codes received on the day of the lunar eclipse. Those of you who actively called in this energy are the ones who will be most affected by this influx of energy for you anchored it into your body precipitating a shift in your light energy system

This is just more of the same. The light code energy is coming in and is affecting your biology, emotional system and the world around you. You may feel uncomfortable but know that this is a temporary condition and will begin to ease up in the near future as this work is done.

It is time  now to begin to explain the light code energy in more detail. It is energy from Source, what you may call God or the Universe or the all that is. The name matters not, just know that it is a very high form of divine energy that is now being anchored into your physical bodies. This will only be anchored in by those who consciously ask for this energy to be activated in them.

It is energy that is now anchored into the earth and connected to Source and is available for anyone to access. This must be a conscious choice, I need to emphasize that point. It will affect everyone and everything on the planet to an extent, but those who will actively work with this energy have been chosen and have agreed to do this work.

If you feel this is your calling as a worker of the light, we ask that you just set the intention to begin active work with the light codes. This is all you need do for now, as other details will follow in the near future as required.

This light energy will be used to alter your DNA to make your inner system of light energy more crystalline in structure, which will affect your body, mind, emotions and spiritual self, making you lighter and more in alignment with God and the divine beings who work with you.

Firstly, this energy will begin to be activated within your own body as this process has already begun. You can know this is truth by the changes that you feel which will affect everyone in a different way. The system of your unique biology and emotional state are the main indicators of how this will affect you. So do not get caught up in comparison to others for your experience may be similar and it may be completely different.

The anchoring of the light code energy is expected to continue until the next solstice in September. We ask that you once again gather and connect to this energy and draw it down through your chakra system to be anchored into the earth. And then send this light energy out to the world around you.

As you do this, your own molecules, biological structure, emotional system and DNA will be affected by the light code energy. This is an energy of healing that will be available to all who ask and will be most effective on the planet once the activation is completed. The rate of this will depend upon the work and intention of those who are keys to working with this energy, those who are consciously working with the light codes.

You do not need to wait for symbols or sounds or light of any kind to begin this activation. The keys are activating this energy as they already have the internal ability to turn this light on so to speak. The keys to unlocking this energy are humans who have come into life with the key already a part of their energetic system. This has been sitting dormant waiting for the time to use this internal key to begin to activate the light codes.

In the future, this energy will alter DNA in those to whom the energy is directed who need to consciously agree to this process. This will be used to correct many genetic distortions carried in your DNA and reset your genetic systems to the perfection of beings of light that you really are. Again, work with this energy is a conscious choice.

For now, just call down the light code energy from Source, down through your chakra system, down into the diamond core of the earth and then loop the energy back up through your chakra system to Source. (Repeat this movement of energy for a few minutes at a time.) This is the method for anchoring in the light code energy.

The activation of this energy will be a natural process once it is anchored into your body as things will be adjusted according to your own sacred plan for your journey on earth and the state of your biology and emotional energy system. You need not do anything to activate this energy once anchored. This process will be guided by your own divine self.

The completed activation for most of you will occur within 2-3 years as this is an appropriate rate of activation without causing too much disruption to your internal energy system. Again this process will be guided by your divine self, most often will the support or the beings of light who walk with you.

If you find you are feeling uncomfortable as many of you will, just ask for support from your guides and angels and beings of light to help you to adjust more easily to the new energy that is coming into an activated state.

We will continue to provide you with information as the timing is appropriate. We thank you for your dedication to assisting with this process which will raise not only your own frequency of light, but that of mother earth.

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


3 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Nightfable says:

    Thank you, I understand better why I feel this way.

  2. Angie says:

    I thank you as well. It is very nice to have an explanation for what happens. It was so over the top intense this time, that I was a little worried, although I understood in a deeper place that it was something I had agreed to. Thank you for providing this service, it is very much appreciated.

  3. Pam says:

    Thank you so much for this information from Arcturius this morning! I have been feeling this energy shift from last week’s eclipse more intensely than any of the previous shifts, and was starting to feel a bit concerned about my physical being. It is great comfort to get confirmation about what is happening on other levels — although part of me knew, part of me was also very confused. Much gratitude and many blessings to you!

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