We will comfort you

Q.  Mary, what can we do to help ease the challenge that many are going through as we anchor in and activate the light codes?

A.  The first thing you can do is to pray, just simply asking that support be provided to you to assist with this transition. Prayer is simply asking God for what you need or want. It is a simple process of acknowledging that there is something divine that loves you dearly and then asking that divine energy to help you connect to it and then begin the process of co-creating what it is that you desire.

I wish that there was an easier way for you to go through this process of change, but for many of you, this may not be so. And this will be most difficult for the “prove it” people, those of you who do not believe change is happening unless you have evidence of this being so. Once you decide that you have enough “proof ” of the reality of this, the symptoms that you feel will ease up somewhat.

What is happening in your biology and emotional systems is very dramatic and unfortunately the physical and emotional effects will be felt by most of you, although this will not be the case for many of you.

This has been said before, but we want to remind you that you are all unique and at different places in your energetic development and you have different strengths and challenges in your physical and emotional bodies. You will be affected most at your weakest points, or the areas of your being that need the greatest adjustment.

Your best way through this time is to simply let it be. If you need to cope using medication, do what feels right for you for medication can be used to ease your physical pain. This is as it should be. You have access to many tools.

You may consider working with someone who can help to adjust your energy to help ease how you are feeling for this will be helpful for some of you. There are a variety of modalities of energy work, so you may choose what best fits you.

And do call on your angels and beings of light and they will do the best they can to comfort you as a parent comforts a child in distress. They may not be able to alter the situation, but they can help you to cope better.

Do not allow yourselves to be caught up in disaster thinking, that this is a terrible thing from which you will never recover and do not allow yourselves to engage in thinking that it would be better to give up.  These may be temptations and ways of coping that helped in the past, but they do not help with this energy shift.

It is best to see this as a positive change that you are going through. It is like you are moving to a new home and need to go through the discomfort and challenge of packing and unpacking and getting used to a new location. You can choose to see this as a difficult chore, or you can choose to see this as an exciting opportunity.

Be at peace with the process and know that we celebrate your choice and commitment to help yourselves and humanity in this way. We are here to love and support you, so call to us for help and support. We walk with you always and need your willingness to let us be close and helpful to comfort you.


Mary, your divine mother


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