Another view

I’ve been going through a challenging time and feel quite disconnected from the beings who speak through me. Here’s another view of what is going on.   It’s a reminder to just hang on and wait until the energy shift is completed.


2 Responses to Another view

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Sheryl,
    I read the emerging earth angel website writing. I am expereincing some of the physical symtems. Yesterday and the day before my heart was racing and I had an irragular heart beat for about an hour. It kept skipping beats. Very weird. My shoulders, neck and upper back are stiff and sore. Not much energy either. This was explained well in the article. Yes as I am a key holder of the light it can be a more difficult transition I am finding. I am hanging in there.
    My prayers are with you….Donna

  2. Steve says:

    blessings sheryl

    may the Love of All That Is fill you, surround you, and support you through these moments

    I’m sure you are aware that ‘the beings who speak through you’ are still with you and are leaving you signs.


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