Going through a transition?

Whenever there is a change in your life, you may feel stress, feel down and be concerned about what the future has in store for you. If you are going through a transition of any kind, this message is for you.

Change is just that, change. It does not mean that it is better or worse than what you had before. The change itself is neutral. It is the meaning that you give to change that affects you, not the change itself. For one person a change may be a wonderful thing and for another, it may feel like a disaster.

For example, many of you are in the process of changing the work that you do. The change is – going from doing one thing to another. This is neutral. What makes the difference is how you percieve the change.

One person may be forced to leave their job because of health issues. This may be percieved as a positive change or a stressor. It is up to you. If you see this as a positive situation, then your emotional state will reflect the relief or gratefulness or whatever feeling you have. If you see this as a negative situation, then you may feel angry or hopeless or upset in some way.

You have a choice regarding how you see the situation and there are many things to consider when coming to your conclusion about how this change will affect you.

What do you anticipate to be the problems that you will face because of this change?

How might this change be beneficial to you?

How will this change affect your day to day life?

How will this change affect your relationship with people around you?

What can you be doing to actively cope with this change?

Do you want to be the victim or be empowered in this situation?

These are all things to consider when facing a change. There will also be many, many more questions that you can ask yourself and your answers affect how you feel and what you choose to do.

If you want to sit and wallow in the situation , go ahead. If you want to start from where you are and build a brighter future for yourself, go ahead. If you want to see the perfection in what is happening, then go ahead. It really is up to you.

And now, just take a moment to see the bigger picture here. What is changing is actually something that you have made a choice about. You choose what you come here to learn and you choose the situations that you learn in. So remind yourself, that at some level whether consious or not, you have chosen the situation that is causing the change.

There is a reason for each and every situation that comes into your life. And each situation offers an opportunity for you to see your real self, to find out who you are when you are facing a change.

And know that every moment of every day brings change in one way or another and most often change is nothing more than ordinary as all change could be viewed.

If you viewed the change you are facing a something ordinary that is happening, something that you have chosen so you can learn what you need to learn, and know that every change brings an opportunity for you to find the real you, how would you then see change in your life?

We know that as humans you are changing rapidly as is the world around you. Use the current change of situation in your life as an opportunity to learn how to manage change in an empowered way, rather than sitting back and seeing yourself as a victim, for indeed you are not. You are powerful manifestors and here is another opportunity to manifest a future outcome of the change as you would like it to be.

Set your intention for what you desire. Send that intention out to God, your guides, angels and being of light and then sit back and watch the co-creation that happens. You will be guided into a magnificent outcome. All you need to do is trust yourself to read the signs and take action when needed.

Your future awaits. What do you want it to bring?

Mary, your divine mother


One Response to Going through a transition?

  1. Susan says:

    Thank You for this message. The reminder to set the intention and send it to God is one that I always enjoy receiving.
    In the busyness of life I sometimes forget.

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