Missing in action

Sorry that I have not had much to post lately. It seems that a few things are happening at once and this has put me out of commission for a while.

There seems to be at least 3 different but connected processes that many of us are dealing with. The light code energy has been released and we are adjusting to be able to hold this energy. We are in the process of ascension, which is causing many changes and for many, an oversoul merge is happening. These affect each of us differently and we proceed through the process in the way that is right for each person.

For me, it’s been a challenge to cope with both physical and emotional symptoms. I feel the need to rest a lot and don’t always feel motivated to do too much else right now.

And I have been feeling very disconnected from the guides, angels and beings of light who speak to me. I know they are close by, but it’s like a wall has been put up between us. I know that this too is a temporary state and is part of the oversoul merge that I’m experiencing. It seems that through this process, the way we communicate with these loving beings is being altered so that we have a more direct way of communicating with them. I know the change is happening, but is not yet completed.

I’m still here, just feeling like I have been wrapped in a cocoon and am waiting for my wings to grow so I can emerge as a butterfly.  I look forward to being able to fly again.

Blessings, sheryl


One Response to Missing in action

  1. Pam says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Your post is much appreciated! It’s confirming to hear that others have been going through the feeling of that no-place space, and also to read that your information tells you it is part of the oversoul merging. I’ve been working on that process in my recent energy sessions, but until now had not read anyone else’s channeling that used those terms. So thank you! And many blessings to you while your waiting for your next flight.

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