Are you highly sensitive?

I  started to write a post about being highly sensitive when I came across this web page. I talks about the characteristics of being highly sensitive and how this may affect your life. This certainly fits how I am in the world and I have been meeting many other lightworkers who also find it hard to live on this planet because they are so sensitive to everything.

With all of the energy shifts and changes that are happening, I expect that others who are also sensitive  may find it hard to keep from being overwhelmed by it all. My body has a tendency to just shut down when I’m so overwhelmed as I am finding that it is doing these past few weeks.

Reading this web page was a helpful reminder that I am not the only one like this on the planet even if it feels that way some days as I hide away to reduce the overwhelming stimulation of the world around me.

If anyone has any tips about what helps them to deal with being sensitive, it would be great if you’d post them here.

And remember to hold on, as I’ve been assured that this challenging time will soon pass.

Blessings, sheryl


One Response to Are you highly sensitive?

  1. Angela says:

    wow, simply reading thru the description on that site made my heart release. I’ve simply grown accustomed to thinking I’m just too wierd. It described my life so perfectly. There was a time when I would be overwhelmed with heart palpitations from simply walking thru the mall. I learned a neat technique from a lady giving a workshop, and I really wish I could remember her name….it was called “The Zip”. Simply zipper up your field, front and back from the bottom up. It seems to lessen the overwhelm, but not close you down. I’m in the process of venturing out again, little steps, learning to be in the midst of people again. I recently had to go to the grocery store, right after a large episode in grounding some really strong energy, and – overwhelm. Then I heard the lyrics to a song by Carli Simon running thru my head “you showed me how, how to leave myself behind, how to turn down the noise in my mind” “Now I haven’t got time for the pain….” It just kept repeating until I realized it was a message, and I said to my Highest Self – do it, turn down the noise in my mind. And immediate relief! It’s such a background thing, that is always there, that I really hadn’t realized I could ask for the volume to go down. Learning every day….Thanks Sheryl – feel better…

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