Feeling disconnected

Q.  Mary, it has been a few weeks since I last felt a strong connection to you and your energy. I know you are there, but you feel so far away and it has become hard to hear your loving voice. I know that other lightworkers have been feeling a similar disconnect from their guides, teachers and beings of light that surround them. What’s going on? Is there anything that we can do to reconnect?

A.  You are going through a period of transition. You have requested a merge with your oversoul and you are in the midst of this process. This is what you are experiencing in a simple form.

Your oversoul is the highest aspect of yourself, the part of you that knows it is one with God, the universe and all that is. It is the part of you that walks closely with your guides and angels. An oversoul merge is the process of becoming one with your higher self, that part of you that knows it is God.

This part of you tends to get disconnected when you come into physical form at birth and there are reasons for this. It is very hard for you to live in a 3D world and have the level of knowledge that you have within your higher self. In order for you to maintain your sense of being grounded in a physical body, most of you have chosen to be somewhat disconnected from your higher self.

This is not to say that your higher self is not always a part of you for it is, it is like you have put up a veil between the you that you know and this aspect of yourself so that you can go about your lifetime and learn what you have come here to learn and do what you came here to do.

For most of you, you have learned your lessons and no longer need this type of separation from your higher self. You have done what you came here to do and it is time to move into the next level of your evolution as a being on this planet during your present incarnation.

So, you are beginning to merge with your higher self and as this happens, it is like a blanket of energy begins to surround you and your energy system and has blocked out the direct contact that you had to the beings around you. This blanket that surrounds you is your higher self.

You are in a process of learning to be who you are with this aspect of yourself now connected to the you that you have always known yourself to be in this incarnation. At the same time, your higher self has a very direct line of communication with your guides, teachers and beings of light and knows itself to be an aspect of God.

For many of you this will feel like being a caterpillar inside of a cocoon, separated in a way from those beings around you by a blanket of sorts as you go through the change process needed for you to integrate your higher self.

You feel disconnected, but know that this is only temporary as the growth and change process happens. As soon as this integration or merge is completed, the blanket will be removed and you will emerge as a being who is directly connected to both your higher self and the beings of light who support and work with you on this planet.

So do not be distresses if you feel disconnected for you are but in a change process, like the caterpillar in a cocoon, and will soon emerge in your full beauty, fully connected to God and the divine and with wings to be able to fly, to let your soul in it’s connected form be free from the confines of your limited access to spirit.

It may feel uncomfortable for a while as the shift can often take months to complete, but know that at this time, you are not alone, in fact your whole change process has attracted the attention of many, many beings of light who surround you and celebrate your decision to become all that you can be while in human form. They are always there to love and support you. There love is all encompassing and universal.

So try to relax through this process and know that those of us on this side of the veil (your blanket) are always here for you. We hear your every request and constantly send love and support. Be in peace and know that soon, the true you will emerge. That is cause for celebration.


Mary, your divine mother


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