September 2009

Q.  What can we expect for this month, September 2009?

A.  For those of you who have been on a rough ride, tighten your seat belts for the ride will continue for a while. For those of you who have been floating through this time, know that for you too, change is happening, but in a more subtle fashion for everyone on earth is being affected by the changes in energy, each in their own unique way.

As far as the light code energy, The last major download will occure around the time of what you know as the Solstice for at that time many will gather to continue to anchor in light energy. This has been happening since your last day of Solstice in June and will soon reach completion. This has had a great physical and emotional effect on many of the workers of light.

Just remember as you go through this time of transition that you agreed to be the ones who would physically process and anchor in this light energy. You are performing a great service to your planet and the beings who reside on it.  What you experience is making a great difference in the world, so know that if you are suffering in any way, it is for a greater cause.  We indeed celebrate the work that you have chosen to do.

As the light code energy continues to be anchored into the planet, so is it being activated. The major activation will begin after the anchoring process is completed. So while you will start to feel better at the end of the anchoring process which is causing great adjustments in your physical and emotional bodies, so too will there be further changes as the energy is being activated.

What will that be like, many of you would like to know. You will continue to feel different in many ways, but you will feel lighter and much more connected to Source and your guides, angels and teachers. For as you anchor in the energy of the light codes, you also are achoring the energy of your higher self, that part of you that knows itself to be a part of God / Source or whatever term you prefer. You are anchoring that part of you that has full memory of all that it is and all that it can do. You will soon have access to all of the information that you have in your awareness during your time at home, before you come into physical form.

This will feel very different to you to have a greatly improved connection to all of the divine beings as you will know that you too are a part of them as they are a part of you, part of the whole that you may call God or Oneness. This may feel very strange for a while and cause some physical sensations and emotional changes, but this will feel lighter than you have been feeling.

You will have access to all of your memories both of what you call the past and what you call the future, so you may be dealing with some confusion of what is your current reality. Much of this will show up in your dreams to allow you to more easily process this information. Some of you may require support to deal with this change.

You may find that your relationships with others begins to change, and in positive ways as you will have gained a greater understanding of being part of the whole, and part of each other and your new perspective will make it easier for you to understand why others do what they do and feel the ways that they feel. This will improve all relationships. For some this may also mean leaving relationships as you find there is no longer a match energetically and you choose to move towards people with whom you feel a greater energetic resonance.

Emotionally, things will begin to lighten up as well as you gain a greater understanding of why you feel the way that you do in many situations. Because of the increased access to knowledge about your soul and your life, you will find that it is easier to understand why you feel the way that you do. You will have access to past and future memory as you know it which will give you greater awareness of who you really are.

You will also begin to feel a greater connection to God and all that is. And your guides, angels and beings of light will have established a more direct form of communication with you as you merge with your higher self. This will improve your relationships with divine beings as you are able to be more closely aligned with them.

So, soon it will be time for celebration as you move towards greater awareness and closer contact with fellow beings and those divine beings who walk beside you in other dimensions. A very positive change is being activated. Just know that even though things may seem difficult for now, this is only a temporary situation. Things will lighten up in your near future, especially beginning after your September Solstice.

Your best strategy to get through this time is to just go with the flow of how you feel both physically and emotionally. This is a month to really get into the habit of practicing self care, learning  once again to love the physical body that you have been given. While you may not want to be in it right now, once the light code energy settles and begins to activate, you will begin to celebrate being a human in physical form.

Know that you are not alone. Everyone on the planet is being affected by the light code energy and many are feeling some of the difficult feelings that you are. You are all in this together. And know that it will be soon that you feel like celebrating again.

We walk with you always and many beings are around you to support you as the energy changes. All you need to do is call on us for support and assistance and help will come to you.

Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes


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