It’s seems like it’s been months and months, but finally I am beginning to feel like what I think of as the real me. I have energy, confidence, calm, faith and very few physical and emotional challenges. In short, I feel good!

It seems like the energy changes as promised are causing fewer symptoms now that we are near the end of September. I even have my link to my inner guides and guidance back again. I think that was the hardest part of all of these challenges. Feeling lost and alone without my constant inner companions. I welcome them back.

They do assure me that they never went anywhere, it was me who was finding it difficult to connect to them. However it all works, I am so grateful that I can hear their beautiful voices again and can access channeled information for the blog. I was starting to feel like I was letting you down, but that will now change.

As part of this transition, I made the decision to take a year off work (that being paid employment in the traditional sense) to heal, to study and to explore different types of work that I might enjoy doing. I know that I will never return to traditional counselling work with a mental health agency, but still have very little idea of what would be both healthy work that feeds my soul and helpful to the world around me.

It’s interesting what has happened since I made this decision. I’ve been guided to work with some amazing people who are helping me with issues that have plagued me for a long time. This work has made it possible for me to significantly reduce the amount of medication that I had needed to take in the past and I expect that soon, no medication will be needed to keep my body stable and functioning well.

I keep getting guided to books, videos and online articles that seem to be part of the studying that I’m being guided to do. I have read some very unsual books on a wide variety of topics and it’s interesting how I seem to pick up information that builds on the last book I’ve read.

The image they have given me is that studying and planning my future work will be like a dot to dot puzzle. They refuse to tell me the end result or topic of study, but instead lead me to what they call one of the dots, one piece of information at a time. Even though it may seem unrelated, I am told that when I have found all of the dots, they will all come together into a picture of where my life may lead me,  even the work I might be doing. And it is always possibilities, for we all have choice and the energy keeps changing in unexpected ways.

I had done years of private alternative counselling, but put that work aside to work in a mainstream job with a steady income. Private practice seemed to be financially unpredictable at a time when I required stability. But now things are different.

I am considering doing some counselling work again, but with a twist. I just don’t yet know what that might look like. I’ve been given some of the dots (ideas) which are starting to come together as a different approach to helping people heal. It’s become a sort of game, waiting to see what info comes next and where it will come from.

What’s interesting to me is that a few days after I began to consider private practice again, I had a client whom I had not seen in over 10 years phone me from a big city a few hundred miles away, asking if I would once again work with her. She was willing to travel and wanted to work with me. What a boost to me ego and a small affirmation that I am on the right track.

It’s still so amazing to me how things start to fit together when we step onto the 4th path, set the intention for what we desire  and just follow the guidance we are given. It’s always perfect.

I hope that others are beginning to emerge from the challenging time if that has been your experience lately. I know the ride is not quite complete, but we’ve hit the top the roller coaster and are now on the way down. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Blessings,  sheryl


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