October 2009

Q. What can we expect for the month of October?

There are many changes happening for many of you this month. Those of you who have been feeling stuck and disconnected will be reconnected during this month. This includes connections to the guides and angels who surround you as well as a connection to yourself as you exist at a higher level.

All of you have an aspect of yourself who knows itself to be a part of God. This is the knowledge of your Soul, your knowing that you and God are part of the same energy. It has always been this way and in all ways will be this way; it is just that as you exist on this side of the veil, you have forgotten.

It is a time for remembering who you are at all levels, of knowing your God self in the fullness of your Soul. It is a time of connecting, really reconnecting to your true essence. It is a time of remembering home and your connection to your guides and angels who walk with you always.

You had a need to forget this aspect of yourself when you can into physical form. You came here with a job to do, with lessons to learn and an opportunity to grow and change, to enhance the being that you are through this earthly incarnation. To do this effectively, you needed to “forget” who you really were for a period of time. This allowed the part of you requiring the lessons and experiences to have a fully human experience. This would not have been as effective if you carried the knowledge of home with you at all times. You chose to have this type of separation for a period of time.

For most of you, your learning is now completed, you have had the experiences as a human that you wanted to have and have done the work that you came to do as a being disconnected from home. It is now time to reconnect and learn to be all that you are in human form.

This is a new and unique experience for most of you during all of your past lifetimes. For most of you, this will be the first time that you know yourself as God while existing in a human body. You will be living with one foot at home, and one foot on the earth so to speak. This is what many call ascension or living in the 5th dimension. The time is now.

To engage in this process of knowing who you truly are, all you need to do is ask and be open to the experience. It is not a matter of doing anything, but a matter of being yourself and living your life in the moment, not in the past or projecting the future as you have been so fond of doing. You are learning to be who you are in every moment.

When you find yourself having a strong feeling, just pay attention to your thoughts. Are you remembering the past or projecting your fears into the future. If you are, stop and focus on now.

You can do this by paying attention to what is going on in the moment. Be aware of what you feel, both emotionally and physically. What can you see, what can you smell, what can you taste, what can you hear. Bring your awareness totally into the moment and  be aware of how your emotions shift when you are in the now moment.

And when you come again into the now moment through this type of focusing, then shift your awareness to a wonderful memory that you have, feeling this memory as if it is happening in the moment. And when you have accessed that feeling, focus on the fact that you are again in the now, with this wonderful feeling.

And then you can expand this feeling to fill your whole body, every cell and molecule can be filled with this good feeling, being aware at the same time of being in your body in the present.

This may sound difficult to do, but with practice, it becomes very easy to bring yourself back into the now moment with a good feeling. This good feeling allows you to have one foot in home while still having one foot in your human form.

As you learn to access both the wonderful, loving feelings of home and integrate those feelings into the present, so you learn to integrate that part of yourself that knows itself to be God.

This is but one tool that you can use to integrate with your Soul and bring your awareness of being a part of God into your everyday life. It is time for you to make this connection within your physical form.

And know that whether or not you choose to do this exercise, the integration process has begun for many of you. The energy this month is exceptional for starting this process of accessing that part of you. You need only ask and it will be so.

As to what this will feel or be like will vary from person to person. Some of you will begin to notice that you have access to forgotten memories, especially those of what it is like to live on the other side of the veil, to be at home.

Some of you may feel somewhat disoriented at times as you are not sure what is “real” for this integration process will allow you to access information that you were unable to access in the past. This may feel strange at first as ideas and information just seems to pop into your head. You will get used to this in time; just allow the process to unfold.

Some of you will experience vivid dreams or flashes of memories of dreams. This too is part of the integration process as you reconnect with split off parts of your conscious memory.

All in all, it will be a gentle process compared to the roller coaster that the recent energy shift caused for many of you. The process will exist mostly in your mind rather than showing up in the physical body, for it is a process of remembering, rather than anchoring in energy.

Whatever you choose to do, know that you are loved and supported in all that you do. We are here to love and support you. That is our job at this time, to help you remember the wondrous beings that you are and that you know yourselves to be while you are on this side of the veil, while you are at home. This is a joyous event and we celebrate this next step in your evolution.

Blessings, Mary, your divine mother


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