Walking on the 4th path

It seems that the most difficult part of the energy shift is now past and we are moving into a time of remembering who we really are. I for one am glad to not be so exhausted, achy and disconnected. It is starting to feel like I’ve broken out of my cocoon of change and am preparing myself for flight.

I’ve been participating in a new online workshop offered by Steve & Barbara Rother and the Group. After only 2 sessions, I can’t believe the energy shifts that have occurred. He is teaching simple techniques that can be used to raise your life force energy, what can also be defined as raising kundilini energy or sexual energy as the Group calls it. If the Triality Activation workshop is ever offered again, I recommend that you participate, especially if you are serious about moving into being all that you can be. It’s like being in a fast track college program, where they cram 9 months of classes into 3 months.

You can check out their excellent website and source of amazing information at


I’m finally starting to get some more information about future work that I may be doing. I’m giving myself a year off work to heal and learn. Through an amazing process, I’m being financially supported for the year. I’m so grateful for this.

Information and healing techniques  are being given to me one small piece at a time. I’m still often astounded when I am guided to read unrelated books which end up giving me the next piece of the puzzle. ( What my guides show me as a dot to dot puzzle) It’s become a sort of treasure hunt for the dots as books, people, workshops, situations and so on come my way. Even the recent death of our beloved cat was one step in my healing/learning process and occurred with perfect timing.

I am in awe of how the universe works when you let go and let God, your guides and angels lead the way. It has been slow coming, but I am learning to have faith and trust the perfection of my journey on the 4th path.

Many in the lightworker community are beginning the process of integrating with their higher selves, the part of you that knows itself to be God, the part of you that has been hidden from your awareness since you came into a physical body. With this process comes change as we become all of who we are, bridging the gap between earth and “home”.

I’ve been assured that this part of the journey will be gentle and gradual for most of us. I’m looking forward to the changes that this will bring, which I am already starting to experience. What an amazing journey.



ps. I’m still trying to figure out how to compress audio files and attach them to this blog. I’ll start to post the healing meditations that I’m being given as soon as I have learned this new skill.


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