Merging with your higher self

♥ Whenever you begin to have doubts  about who you really are and why you are really here, you can just take a moment and remember home. When I speak of home, I am referring to what some of you may call heaven or the world of spirit or the other side of the veil. What you call this dimension does not matter.

Home is the place where you go between lifetimes to rejoin loved ones and be renewed before you begin your next mission as a human in pysical form. It is a place to reconnect with the love and light that you truly are, the part of you that you split off from when you come into physical form.

Now with the changes in energy, you can reconnect with that part of you, that you may call your higher self, your soul or your God self. This is the part of you that knows itself to be one with God.

There is an opportunity in this new energy for you all to reconnect with this aspect of your being, to bring that part of home here with you in the physical plane. In truth, this part is always connected to you , but there is a veil that blocks this from your awareness. Now is the time to remove the veil.

This can be done by simply setting the intention to merge with your higher self. You can ask God, your guides, angels and beings in spirit to assist with this merging process. And, you may determine the speed of this merger for the process can occur quite rapidly, or more slowly.

This part of the process you can control simply by asking for it to speed up or slow down. You will know what is right for you in your particular circumstances. There is no right or wrong way to do this. And if you choose not to make this connection, that too is perfect.

When you do make this decision to merge you will begin to have access to your soul, to the vast storehouse of knowledge that you have while on the other side of the veil, at home. This part of you that knows itself to be a part of God is a valuable guide for you as you walk along your journey on earth. Just imagine living your life with total wisdom and the ability to really KNOW which steps to take every moment.

As you move into this way of being, you truly will know what you are here to do. You will know that you are here as a being of light, that every situation that you face is perfect and that there are not right or wrong choices. You will know that you are here to be the best that you can be in every moment and that your main role is to love, both yourself and everyone and everything around you.

It will be easy to be love when you know that this is truly who you are. You will be walking around knowing that you are an important part of God, being the eyes through which he/she sees, the hands through which he/she touches and the voice through which he/she speaks. You will be the heart through which God touches others with love. That is your mission and your higher self knows this to be true.

And as you know yourself to be a part of God on the planet, this divine aspect of you will guide you every step of every day in the perfection of life. So much will change as you lose the judgment of right and wrong and know that everything is as it is and is part of your soul’s divine plan and choice.

You will have the confidence to make decisions from your heart, doing what you know is best for you which is also what is best for those around  you, for you can only help others to heal and grow when you first help yourself. Love begins at home, within your own heart and made manifest in your own life.

There will come a time when you face each day with confidence, knowing that you are a divine aspect of  God and that you are love and you are loved. You will do what your heart guides you to do in every moment and you will joyfully live in your world knowing that all is happening in a perfect way.

You will be fully empowered, knowing that you can choose what you experience and that you have the strength and resources to participate fully in your life. You will be easily able to set your intentions for what you truly want and let your higher self which know it is a part of God, guide you to the perfect outcomes of every intention. You will know how magical it can truly be living on this planet. You will learn at last, to truly enjoy the ride.

If you are ready to move into this kind of change and merge with your higher self, just set the intention that this occur, that you are ready to bring home into your life on earth. And once the intention is set, just begin to tune into your own highest wisdom and proceed on your journey, one step at a time.

It is time and the energy is right for you to move through the veil and have the experience of living at home and on earth at the same time, merging heaven on earth. In truth you have always done this, but now it will be with your conscious awareness. What a glorious change this will be as you become true representatives of God through living your life to the fullest.

We on this side of the veil wish you love, light and joy as you continue on this journey. We wish that you could only see what a difference you have always made to the world, making it a better, more loving place for yourself and everyone and everything around you. Soon, you too will have this awareness.

Enjoy the ride and intend only the best for yourself. You truly deserve to live in abundance in all ways because you are a beloved part of God.

With love and deep affection, your brother Jesus


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