I’ve solved the email security problem.

I have set up a Spiritspeaks group in Facebook that we can use to communicate with each other. I have used Facebook for many years and find it to be a safe and easy to use site.

In order to be part of the group, you need to register with Facebook which is an easy process. You can do this at

You can go directly to the Spiritspeaks group by clicking on this link. Be sure to mark it as a favourite to make it easier to find in the future.

I am really looking forward to meeting my new friends

In loving service, Sheryl


One Response to Friends

  1. sandy says:

    Hi Sheryl, I’m responding to your letter yesterday about the challenges that you’ve experienced. My son, Ryan, he is the lost angel that I have talked to you about before. He also has depression and anxiety disorder. We have been on a roller coaster thru hell this past 10 yrs. but now, finally, there is some sanity. His system cannot accept any foriegn substance, like alchohol or pot, and the full and new moon just tears him apart. Well, actually, they open doors and astral entities show up to torment him. In messages that I’ve recieved from AAMikael, he says that Ryan has some abilities and a mission on this planet. Maybe this supersensitive energy field like yours and his makes it possible for connecting with the other, higher preferably, realms. When did you start seeing and hearing the Angels? Maybe Ryan will also have this ability…He is doing better now but I still dread the moon phases. Thank you so much for sharing your life esperiences with us. It has really helped us, LOve, Sandy

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