Raising your energy

I’ve been participating in an activation with Steve Rother and the Group, which I now understand to be a group of angels who work with us. http://lightworker.com/ I’m learning a number of techniques that can be used to raise your energy and help to thin the veil between what you know as you, and other aspects of yourself like your higher self. I will be posting these techniques in the coming weeks starting today.

First, you need to know that raising your energy will bring about changes and not all of them feel good in the short term. Once again, this process has had a big impact on how I feel physically and emotionally and has left me wanting to just hide in my house and sleep as I adjust.

Along with the challenges of change are some wonderful openings to new insights and experiences. What a ride this has been and I know it has only begun. I am posting a copy of the first technique that we were taught to help raise your energy. They call the technique “winking”

The Group calls it sexual energy. It is also known as life force or kundilini energy. Use whatever term feels right for you. I have had some amazing experiences working with this as waves of energy flow through my body. This allows us to increase our energy whenever we need to. This is step one of the energy activations and it seems to be important to learn the techniques in the order given as they build on each other.

You need to be open to working with this energy and suggest that you proceed when you feel ready for a fast track spiritual growth process. Just call on your guides, angels and other beings of light and all the support that you need will be there for you.

Enjoy the ride, sheryl


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