Winking technique

This exercise is from Steve Rother’s Triality activation workshop. We have been encouraged to share this with others. If you have any questions, please post them as a comment at the end of this post. Let me know if you would prefer if I send you a response via email or I will post it on this page. – sheryl

Winking Technique

The point: To move/activate you to higher levels of vibration

Why: There are muscles between your root chakra and second chakra also known as the base-of-the-spine (root) and seat-of-the-soul (2nd or sacral) that are not being consciously used. When you do so, and build strength and control gradually over time, you create two things;

1. New synaptic pathways in the brain ( which will be very useful when we fully learn to play multidimensionally)

2. It creates very powerful healing energy inside the body, that distributes itself all throughout the body. (You will be able to consciously run this energy as a self healing tool once you have practised and become comfortable with it.)

There are many levels to the pelvic floor muscles, you begin by intentionally working to control and strengthen the outer layers, then over time it builds and moves to deeper inner levels.

You can use this exercise to expand your energy field, to revitalize when you are feeling fatigued, to build confidence, to feel your own energy and to run your sexual energy.

The Winking exercise

You can close your eyes if you wish. You do not need your eyes for this exercise (there is no winking with your eyes for this exercise)

Relax your entire body

Bring your attention to your root chakra

Breathe in and out (don’t forget to breathe!)

Slowly and gently begin to contract the inner muscles

Do not contract your abdomen (stomach), hips, thighs, legs or feet. This should feel gentle, do not clench your jaw or face. Relax.

Imagine a butterfly opening and closing its wings.

It is important not to worry about how many times, and working to strengthen by using force, this is not forceful, this is natural and should feel private, sacred, personal and energetically delicious. 😉

Gradually build over time, paying attention to how you are feeling.

If you feel ANY pain or discomfort, cramping, nausea, headaches, you are trying too hard. Just stop, take a break, relax and come back when you are feeling balanced again. This is connecting to the deepest inner part of your being, allow it to build over time and listen to your body. It is your teacher and guide.

This is not about accomplishment, or achieiving a certain number and energy quicky, this is about spending special time with you, and growing more powerful and knowledgeable about your own energy being.


3 Responses to Winking technique

  1. spiritspeaksblog says:

    It is the same as doing a Kegal exercise that they teach women to do after giving birth. The only difference is that you hold the muscles in that area tight for a longer period of time. While you are doing this, it helps to focus on feeling the energy running up through the centre of your body.

    I find it amazing how much energy you can feel. It sends waves of energy that feel like shivers or an orgasm. It gets easier to do and more effective as you learn to work with these muscles.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Is this like the Kegal excercise for the pelvic floor?

  3. Janis says:

    Thank you Sheryl, for sharing this wonderful knowledge.

    I have also been inspired recently to learn to awaken the kundalini energy within. Ironically this is connected to the 3rd eye which Ive been working for years to open. Once kundalini rises, I understand it travels up the chakras and blasts open your third eye. Sounds like an amazing experience. Ive heard people (like David Icke) are in a daze for weeks when this occurs, its so life altering.

    So far I havent been able to activate kundalini with my breathing exercises but I have learnt the importance and the benefits that breathing can have on health, energy and increasing vibrational frequency.

    I have been practicing this “winking” exercise and I can already feel the energy flowing up my chakras. Its pretty powerful and fun!

    Im looking forward to the next lesson. Maybe you can combine 2 in 1 for those of us who are very excited to get started!

    Thank you to you and Steve for helping us vibrate higher.

    Beams of love,

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