Energy exercise 2

Now that you have learned the “winking” exercise and have learned how to pull energy up into your body, it is time to learn how to move it in your mind.

Exercise 2 is also very simple, but has a great impact. Spend some time bringing the energy up using the winking exercise (a previous post outlines this) Once you can feel the energy up in your brain area, begin to focus on moving the energy to the front of your brain – the centre of your forhead. Hold the energy there and be aware of how alive you feel, full of energy and connected to the world around you.

Then when you feel ready, just fully relax and feel the energy relaxing as you pull it towards the back of your brain as you hold the energy in and go more within your self. When you pull back the energy in this way, you become less connected to the world around you and more connected to your inner self.

To me this exercise seems to be a way of  being out in the world with all of your energy going out around you and then you withdraw to rejuvinate, relax and bring the energy within.

When I learned about this technique, we were cautioned about withdrawing too much when you are in a crowd, because it makes you less energetically visible to others who may not even notice you there and could run into you. And, when you bring the enegy forward, people begin to really notice you and make contact by noticing you as you stand out from the crowd.

I know that I have always unconsciously had the ability to do this as I expect most of you have. The difference is that now you will become better able to do this consciously.

Some of you have asked that I post all of the techniques more quickly, but it feels like I need to follow what my guides are suggesting for some reason. We learned these techniques over 3 weeks and most participants has trouble adjusting to the energy shifts as it happened very quickly. Slowing this process down a bit seems to be a way of making it less disruptive to your life.

I will post the next exercise when the time is right.

Blessings, sheryl


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  1. sylvia franco says:

    I wonder how one can receive a reading from you?

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