11:11 and manifesting abundance

Q. What can you tell me about the energies of Nov 11, 2009? Is there anything that we could be doing on that date to help us raise our energy frequency and prepare for the next steps in our journey?

A. You are now entering into a time of new awakenings and the 11:11 energy gives you an opportunity to connect directly with home for support and guidance. There will be a significant energetic opening on that day and it is a wonderful time to set your intentions for what you would like to experience next on your journey on the earth plane.

Remember as you set your intentions for what you would like to experience that ultimately, you are in control of what you choose to manifest. Your guides and angels can give you guidance, but what you choose to do with that guidance is entirely up to you.

On or before 11:11, set some time aside to create a statement of abundance, keeping it very open and unlimited so that God, your guides and angels are free to bring to you the highest possible choices.

How does this work? Here is an example. Instead of saying, “I want a different job doing accounting where I get to be the manager. I want it to be with a large corporation and I expect to be well paid.”

That may be what you want at some level of your being, at the level of consciousness. It sounds good and would likely be satisfying to have what you want at this level.

From our perspective, this kind of statement is very limiting. It gives us little room to work with your guides and angels to manifest that which your soul or higher self desires. You have the opportunity to set a process in motion to manifest the best possible outcome for yourself by setting an open intention into motion.

Instead of putting out a limited statement, try something like, “I want a different job, one where I feel satisfied, where I can use my gifts and abilities for the highest good, where I enjoy each day at work and am well compensated for what I am doing.”

This type of statement opens up the possibilities for your guides and angels to guide you into a job that both satisfies what you want and opens the doors for you to be doing work that benefits the world around you. In this process, you are co-creating your future with God. You state what you desire and then let go and let God guide you into the highest possible outcome.

By setting this type of intention during the energies of 11:11, you will have a more direct line of communication with your guides, angels and higher self due to the extreme thinning of the veil and the opportunity to more closely connect with the highest divine aspects of who you are.

I suggest that you take some time to think about what it is that you truly want, remembering to think about it in a non-limiting way. The goal through this process is moving yourself into abundance, and abundance in all areas of your life.

Abundance is more that money and goods and financial goals, it is feeling joyful, having loving relationships, being fully connected to the divine. Abundance is living the life of having all of the best that is possible for you to have at this time. It includes health, happiness and being the best that you can be.

As you focus your attention on abundance in all areas of your life, it is helpful to first look at what you already have in your life. You already live in abundance and may not really appreciate what you do have. There is a tendency to focus on lack, what you don’t have rather that what you do have. So get into the habit of being grateful for the abundance that you do have, for it is all around you.

You are surrounded by good and abundance already and it is okay to want more, for that is what you are designed to do on this planet, to live in full abundance and the full expression of who you really are, divine aspects of God.

Take the opportunity and the opening of 11:11 to get really clear about how you would like to live your life. It is time to let go of the past as you know it and move into being all that you can be, magnificent abundant beings.

For truly, you are the eyes through which God sees, the ears through which God hears, the mouth through which God speaks and the hands through which God touches the world. It is time to live knowing this to be true, knowing that you do have the right, the responsibility and the ability to live up to your divine potential while here on the planet.

If you desire what you call a magnificent future for yourself, it is up to you to set the intention and begin to manifest that for yourself. We are here to assist in any way we can, but we cannot interfere and need your permission and willingness to live in abundance.

Know that you do not walk alone and that support for all things is available to you. You need only to ask.

Blessings, Jesus, your divine brother


5 Responses to 11:11 and manifesting abundance

  1. Stephanie says:

    Just wanted to send some gratitude your way for your time and energy in all that you do. I always look foward to your new channellings for they resonate deeply within me. I have just recently found your blog and am very glad that I have been led to it. You are a beautiful soul….Thank-you!
    Many Blessings to you

  2. Scott says:

    Intention, God, waiting, guides, angels are all manifestations and representations of separation consciousness. When we ascend to the consciousness of unity, there is no need to intend. We simply flow in the stream of divinity and we are “taken care of” without asking. We naturally attract to us that in creation that we need for our completion, be it ideas, insights, energy or physical needs. So, the “answer” is not in intention or praying or wanting, but instead in the expanding of consciousness to know that we are All That Is.

    • Quia B says:

      Thanks, Scott!

      That brings so much clarity…and solves a “problem” I’ve been struggling with daily, the camps of “setting an intention” and “letting things flow”.

      Namaste. ;o)


  3. Quia B says:

    Excellent post! This brings to mind a question about intentions. After we’ve set them and let them go, and are waiting for them to “happen,” when do we know if we are truly waiting for God or if God is waiting for us?

    Sometimes it seems like we’re waiting for things to change, when in reality, our guides and angels have been looking for further input from us. How do we know the difference, without being too limiting and specific (in our request)?

    Namaste. :o)

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