Knowing who you really are

There will come a time in the near future when all that you thought to be real and true will begin to seem like a dream. And you will wake up from the dream, and the whole world around you will be different. This waking up is called awakening.

It is an awakening to the truth of who  you are and the truth of the world around you. You will recognize yourself to be a divine being of light and know that you are part of the all, the light that surrounds the earth and the universe. For there indeed is no separation at the minute level of energy particles.

When you have this type of awakening, it may cause some disorientation for many of you as you need to learn to adjust to living in what seems to be a new world. But indeed it is not new or changed in any way. The change is within you, within your awareness that is called awakening.

Before you move into this time there is one critical task which you need to undertake. This task is simple and yet not easy for some. It is to learn to love yourself wholly and completely, a challenge for so many of you.

For you tend to hold thoughts and pictures in your mind of who you think you are. These thoughts and pictures most often are based on what you learned and what others told you, not necessarily the truth of who you are, just an observation that was made at one point in time.

It is like looking at one of those amazing pictures that are made up of a mosaic of many, many smaller pictures. When you get close to the picture, you see scenes and pictures of who  you think you are, what has happened that brought you to this point in time. These are pictures of your history as you knew it.

What you need to do is step back  from these many smaller pictures of who you thought you were and see who you really are. You see the portrait of the whole. You no longer see the small individual pictures. Yes, they do make up the totality of your character based on what you learned and what you experienced, again in what you  know as the past.

In the present, you are a whole, entire, beautiful picture of a glorious child of God. It is time for you to realign your focus, to step back and see your beauty and brilliance.

If this seems like a daunting task to learn to see and love the real being that you are, just call on your guides and angels for help and then watch what happens. Everywhere you go and with everything that you do, you will begin to see and hear evidence of the wonder of who you are, this magnificent child of the light.

And the more you see this image of yourself reflected back to you, the more you will be able to see yourself as your guides and angels see you, like you are a million sparkles of beautiful shiny light. A wonder to behold.

You will begin to see yourself through the feedback that others give to you, through every compliment, gesture of love and friendship and through every act of compassion and kindness that you draw to yourself. Others indeed see you as a precious being and go out of their way at times to be kind to you and let you know how wonderful you really are.

As you begin to take notice of the world around you, you being to realize that perhaps these other loving beings in your life know and respond to the real you, not the distorted image that you have held about yourself for so long.

Soak in the love, the compliments and the caring that others give to you. It can be as simple as having someone hold a door open for you to walk through, a thank you when you do something nice for another, a hug from a friend, or a compliment and kind word.

This is who you really are as reflected back to you by those other beings of light who walk with you on this journey. It is time to take this all in and know and be the magnificent being that is you.

With love, your brother Jesus


2 Responses to Knowing who you really are

  1. jean says:

    A beautiful message of inspiration. Thank you for all that you share with us. Love, Jean

  2. Steve says:

    Beautiful… thank you brother Jesus and Sheryl

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