A light bulb went on yesterday while listening to an audio series I downloaded. It’s called Creating Abundance by Mary Hall. So far the series is amazing.

She talks about getting into the flow of abundance.  I recognized that by deciding to walk on the 4th path and set some goals and  just follow my inner guidance Ihave some how moved into that flow. My last post was an example of how this is all staring to work and it is quite amazing to watch and a real blessing to be part of.

In the past I would over plan everything and try to make things happen. I thought that was the way to reach my goals. I have now learned that by letting go and letting God, I no longer have to do the planning work and everything seems to be working out in ways that are beyond what I could ever have planned. I’ll give you another example.

I am looking for a different job that meets a specific set of criteria that I think would make the ideal job, things like, fun, using my gifts and talents, helping other people, well paid, and such. It’s the kind of open goal as described in a recent channeled message from Jesus.

During the tarot workshop I attended on Saturday. I further refined this desire for an ideal job and have started working with the affirmation that I developed. And to my amazement, the magic is beginning to happen.

My very favorite work task is developing and giving presentations on topics focused on helping people to improve their lives and the world around us. Right now, being in a year focused on healing my life, my focus for presentations is healing in all areas. Out of this sprang the idea of facilitating a group focused on creating abundance in life.

Well, we started a group and met for the first time last week. My main goals for this group were personal, but everyone benfits in the end. I needed a purpose, to help people, to learn some new tools and to be around people who will provide support and motivation on my healing journey. So far, this has been one of the best things I’ve done to fast track me in my healing process.

Based on the goals I set at the Saturday workshop and the group that we started, I started to get some ideas about what I could be doing in the future for paid employment. I even spent some time designing business cards that identified by services as Abundance Coach & Spiritual Mystic. These labels feel so right to define the work Iwould like to do.

Well, that was the weekend, and now we are into Monday and the ideas just keep flowing from my inner wisdom and my guides. I am doing an unpaid work placement at an employment resource centre as a step back to work. I tend to isolate so this gives me a reason to get out of the house and do something productive. I’ve done employment counselling in a mental health program for almost 7 years which led to burnout and I wanted to see if employment counselling in a different setting would be more suitable.

Working there has given me the opportunity to give a workshop next week on stress management – one of the topics I know far too much about. It’s a workshop that I had developed in my past job, so it just needed some polishing up. I spent most of my work day today getting ready for next week and I loved every minute of the work I was doing. A confirmation that this type of work is good for me.

Then the idea came to me that perhaps I could develop some employment related workshops based on the Creating Abundance group information that I’m already putting together. Things like overcoming blocks to success, setting positive goals, skills for success. I fired off an email to my supervisor and she got back to me and LOVES the idea.

They always offer workshops each month, but so far have always been on topics like writing a resume, job search, interview skills and the like. And then the next piece fell into place …

Next week they are hosting a workshop blitz week with 2 workshops each day. These workshops are open to anyone in the community who wants to attend. I found out that a coworker was on the radio this morning promoting the workshops. The interviewer asked if there were any focused on life skills rather that employment readiness skills. My coworker said she was excited to announce a new workshop that was being offered for the first time – stress management. This really affirmed for me the value of the work I was bringing to the program.

Well the next thing that happened was a conversation that I had with another coworker. I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but I ended up telling her about the abundance group. She was really excited and I have my first participant signed up for the next time it’s offered. She then went on to talk about the need for these types of skills to be taught to their own staff and employees of other agencies. She opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

And during the day, I learned that 2 current employees are considering moving on to other jobs, one because her position is only part time and one because she just needs a change. I had been thinking that I’d like to work there a do workshops and now it looks like this could become a reality. Amazing.

It is so wonderful to finally be in the flow of life. Not struggling to make things happen, but allowing them to unfold around me. All I need to do is pay attention to that inner voice and what happens every day.

And if you’re interested, I expect that part of this process is making this new work I’m being guided to available via the internet. I don’t yet know what that will look like, but my guides have presented that as a future possibility.

All I can say is “Cool”



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