Life is magical

I can’t believe that is is already December. I don’t know about you, but for me, time really seems to be speeding up. Day weeks, and months just seem to fly by.I’ve been very focused on healing this year and part of this is moving towards doing work that is healthy and fulfilling. It’s been a very interesting time and I have learned so much. It is getting closer to the time when I am ready to start sharing some of the tools with you.

I have focused on 3 areas of healing and together, they are working. I am starting to feel well and have energy again. Part of this I know is the energy changes on the planet and part of it is the action that I am taking to move fully into wellness.

First of all, I am working on uncovering and changing the negative beliefs that have had me stuck in old patterns of behaviour. Some of this work I do on my own and some I do with a doctor who uses Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. I also have worked on some issues with a hypnotherapist.

I see this as a way to change the “mind maps” that I have developed over the years. These are the automatic thinking – behavioural habits that I developed . The good news is that as you learned negative ways of thinking and coping, you can relearn new ways of being.

The second change is that I have started doing healthy things and taking herbs. It was important for me that I look after my “house” as I think of my physical body. This includes good food, sleep, exercise, relaxation and all of those other basic housekeeping needs. The herbs are one more piece of self care that I seemed to need  that is bringing my body back into being the best it can be.

The third change is learning all that I can about the law of attraction and implementing the techniques that help to keep us in the flow of abundance. For about the past month now, I’ve been in that flow and it has been absolutely magical. I am in awe daily watching how things just fall into place.

I know that part of my upcoming work will be teaching others how to live well by using these simple tools with the exception of what type of herbs or supplements a body needs. There are others out there who specialize in this knowledge. I just really encourage people to do the basics like eat, sleep, exercise and relax.

All of this info I am learning is starting to be compiled and I hope to have it available by spring. I will continue to post updates as this comes together.

For now, I am just celebrating the fact that I have moved into a new way of being – and it is truly magical.

Blessings, sheryl


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