Is this happening to you?

I did a reading for someone today which contained information that was new to me. I was asked to share the same message with another person who requested a reading and then realized that the message from Mary was also for me.

I’ve been guided to post this message and connect to everyone who resonates with this message. I’m being asked to help get this group connected to each other. If this message speaks to you, please send me a comment and I will respond privately by email.

In loving service, sheryl

My dearest child,
I feel so much pain in your heart that I can hardly bear it. What is making you feel so burdened? It feels like you are running on empty which is not a new experience for you. Not only are you on empty, but I feel a sense of desperation, like this is never going to stop so why should I keep trying. You are why you should keep trying.

The beings that I am guided to work with these days are beings of light that have the ability to shine in ways that has been unknown to this earth plane for many, many years as you know time to be. In the time of Lemuria, there was a large group of you who had the ability to alter matter just by using the light that you are. And part of altering matter was the ability to alter DNA in the cells of those who are around you. You are a master healer and it is time to wake up.

That is the emptiness and the feeling of desperation, the part of you with these abilities is coming alive inside of you and feels lost and far from home for the world that you are in currently is so far removed from the world that you lived in in what you know as time past. In truth, it is time parallel. For you exist in alternate realities at the same time. This will all begin to make sense to you over the next few months as you connect with that aspect of you who is a healer in Lemuria.

For the sake of clarity, I will call this part of you Sara. Sara has become more integrated with you in this lifetime than ever before and it is like she has woken up from a long dream and has found herself in a strange hostile land where almost everyone around her is sick and suffering, a condition that she has never known before. She is used to living in a world where people are generally healthy who put their own well being above most all else that they do. In this strange land she now finds herself in, this is not the case.

Sara’s role in her world is to be a healer, to work with those who for whatever reason, have forgotten the divinity of who they really are and are not taking care of themselves which opens them to dis-ease and dis-comfort. Sara’s role is to bring ease and comfort to them so that they can learn to do this for themselves.

Being in a world now where all around her is dis-ease and dis-comfort feels quite overwhelming to her. It all seems so strange, so foreign, so unknown and so overwhelming. How can she possibly help to bring ease and comfort when almost everyone  needs her healing touch and presence. It is a desperate situation and she is soon filled with despair.

What is she to do with all of this pressure to help the world around her. How is she to manage when she feels so alone. How is she able to care for herself when so many others are in greater need that she seems to be. What is she to do?

Sara is guided to do what she is well trained to do and that is to tune into the life force energy of the divine and firstly fill herself up. She needs to accept that this is the way things are for now and this is where she has been guided to be at this moment in what she knows to be time. Right place, right time, right person, right resources. It has all come together.

Sara begins by accepting the situation and saying thanks for the opportunity to once again be a coworker with God, doing his/her work on the planet with the people who are sent to her to be guided into healing. For in truth, while she is a healer, it is not she who does the healing. She sets the stage for ease and comfort while the healing occurs. This process happens between the individual in need and God. She is the conduit, the earthly presence who facilitates the process.

This is why things are feeling so out of sorts for you right now. You have reconnected with your own version of Sara, an aspect of your soul who is incarnate on earth to bring ease and comfort to people so that their healing is facilitated. This is a new role that you are being guided to take on and it means great changes and leaving many of the old limited ways of being behind.

Your Sara has a connection and awareness that this is divine. This information is currently being integrated with your present consciousness and this will feel strange for some time to come. Expect the transition to continue into about March as the knowledge that your Sara aspect has is integrating. Soon, you will share her memories, gifts, abilities and mission on earth.

The process has started already and will continue until it is completed. Once this is done, the feeling of despair and pain will completely disappear for Sara’s first “Patient” will be you. She will apply her gifts and abilities to bring ease and comfort to you and your life. This may appear to some to be sort of a miracle healing that will take place and know that your life will never be the same. This is your destiny, child, what you have been waiting until now to learn about. Your job, your mission as healer has begun.

Know that you will not be alone on this journey, for there are many who are having similar experiences who are also in the process of integrating with aspects of themselves from parallel realities. You are not alone and you will be guided to others who can support you in this awakening, for this is what is happening, you are awakening to the truth of who you really are, a divine child of God.

Blessings as you now walk consciously on your journey towards wholeness.

Call on me for help and guidance for I am here to work with the healers.

Blessings my child from Mary, your divine mother


16 Responses to Is this happening to you?

  1. Susan says:

    Just to let you know … yes, it resonates with me as well. I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately.

  2. jean says:

    Yes, indeed, this resonates with me……..I guess some of the heaviness, the strangeness and pain in the heart as Daniela expresses (especially upon awakening and through the morning), some of us are feeling is that we are helping to dissolve, not only our own buried pain, but that of others. May the time be close when we can help all to be healed just by our presence……..and bring smiles back to mankind. Love to us all, jc

  3. mojca says:

    Very, very interesting thing happened to me by reading this massage from Mary!! Usually I am reading things on computer but this time I printed it, not just this one, but this one was one my mind( I was like “a massage from Mary, read it, read it”). But it took a while(OK. it took a hole day)to get to it and I skip the preface. I just started to read the massage and after ten sentences I stopped reading it and I said to myself that I feel like this is massage for me and I stopped reading it but I had papers in my hand. And so after a while I continued to read but I started with the preface which confused me or gave me attention some kind. So bottom line is that this massage resonates with me, I have never consider myself as a healer(that is what confuses me) but on the other hand when I look at it differently that is so true. And like Mary said I am on the top list who needs to be healed!!!

    (my English is not great)

    Happy New Year!

  4. lightfoot says:

    not quite 2hours before i read this message today i was telling my husband how lost and trapped i feel. i have become a “spiritual mirror” to everyone around me and causes me to feel alone and attacked sometimes when people dont like their reflection.

    i have been begging my spirit guides and my inner self for quite some time to send me a guide to help me understand how i know things i shouldn’t know and why i dont see a burning bush or hear a magical voice in my head when i predict things.

    i feel like searching craiglist for a mogwai just so i can ask the chinese shopkeeper to mentor me!!

    am i crazy?

  5. Tina says:

    Thank you for the message. I felt drawn to it, moreover, my daughter is called Sara and I am sure there is much more to it than I currently understand. Thank you again, blessings,

  6. Ebony says:

    I too feel very connected to this message.

  7. Hi sheryl, this is a really big thing for me to actually respond . I would greatly appreciate being able to talk with some one about this.I couldn’t stop crying.

  8. Isabelle says:

    This resonate with me to. The pain and the despair..I was wondering why my heart was feeling so “heavy”, and why I’m feeling so out of place..

  9. sandy says:

    Dear Sheryl, I have been feeling this sense of desperation and am really running on empty. For me it is because I just cannot do the $ scramble anymore. I’m just not good at it and am exhausted. So I am just going to stop. I feel trapped by poverty….

  10. Pamela says:

    Indeed this is how it has been. I seek solace and hope in the trees, the sky and the light. I would be so grateful if there was a reason and a purpose behind this sensitivity.

  11. Joy says:

    Indeed. The entire ’00s decade dismantled everything I thought was real. I am now beginning something very new — with a sense that this is the real thing. I am feeling both relief and concern, because it’s like stepping into thin air!

  12. Eileen McTeir says:

    This resonates with me a great deal. I have been in the midst of `waking up’ this year. This process has taken me to the other side of the world to where I was born. It has been extremely painful and I am now leaving my birth family and all other old connections behind as I am guided to moving back to Europe. I feel very lost but at the same time I feel this is necessary. My ability to heal has taken on a new momentum over the past few months and also the connection to lemuria resonates as well because I have been guided to learning about that time and have been practicing various techniques with meditations involvingin crystals on the third eye area. I feel that the Lemurians were all about the energy of love and the path of least resistance.
    The pain has been too much at times and I am continually asking for guidance and help.
    This resonates with me a great deal. Thank you for posting this.. it has given me some sense that this is happening for a reason, others feel this way too and that soon I will be in contact with others who feel the same.

  13. Judith says:

    This message resonated with me so much!
    I have had a lot of pain in my heart, no
    energy. I also feel that I can’t continue
    like this. Maybe I’m trying to connect and
    integrate with my inner Sara!

  14. angel says:

    this resonate very much, also a friend of mine @ LW told me a while back a Sara wanted to communicate with me.

  15. Daniela says:

    It really resonates within me.. I´ve been feeling so strange, with pain in my heart, and feeling as if I didnt belong to this place and to this body.. I do hope these feelings disappear from me..

  16. Angela says:

    Yes, this resonates.

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