A new way of being in 2010

Last week, I was considering closing this blog. For some reason, I had lost all energy and excitement for this work and slipped back into wallowing in my pit of not knowing what to do about having a job. I am trying to plan for my future and finances and find this whole process kind of stressful. When I use my logical mind to try to figure this all out I just get more and more upset.

I k now I made a committment to walk on the 4th path by letting go and letting god, but I still have days when my logical mind jumps in and says I need to have a clear plan. Logically, I don’t know what to do and feel very alone in this process.

The irony of this is that I teach other people decision making skills and yet find that it is not working for me. What I realized is that I need to rewrite this skill training course for those on the 4th path. That is part of what I am working on at the present time. The logical part of my mind still needs a clear step by step process for deciding what to do. And, my creative intuitive mind has now kicked in and a new technique is coming into being.

I am choosing to let myself feel the feeling that my logical mind generates and just let that energy pass through me. And then, I look at the beliefs  that I have that feed this automatic pattern. I have had a tool to help identify these patterns that I have used for years, but found that it gave me information about the what and why but not tools to make the needed changes. This too has been coming to me from a variety of sources. Another skills training program in the making.

What seems to work best through all of this is to let go and let god. I just set the intention for what I desire and then get my logical mind out of the way and tune into my intuition and guides. When I do this, everthing gets to be so easy and things just fall into place one piece at a time. It still amazes me when this happens. This too is being turned into a skills training workshop.

It is my intention that all of these skills be made available to others on the internet at no cost. Just have not quite figured out completely how to make things free to others and still generate and income. I have some ideas but mostly am just trying my best to keep my logical mind from running with this a creating even more stress.

I’ve been volunteering my time at an employment resource centre as part of my back to work plan. I am still on stress leave from my previous job as an employment specialist in a mental health program. I know that going back to this job is not a healthy choice, but the temptation is still to go back to something that is secure and pays well. The down side is that the job is so stressful for me that it lead to burnout. It’s been really interesting to be doing similar duties in another work setting. I love it there but there are no job openings. I am just following my inner guidance and guides each day which has led me to learn and do some new things.

I have also been attending their workshops to find out how they are teaching people and to pick up some job search tips for myself. My favorite workshop has been about using networking to find a job. I am using this blog as a networking tool to help me find the perfect job, doing what god has led me to do and doing what fills me up every day. So here’s my networking script that I am using to find job leads:

“My name is Sheryl Pedersen and I am looking for a job as a Success Coach. I have 15 years of experience working in the mental health system mostly doing counselling and advocacy. For the past 7 years, I have worked as an employment specialist including working with Ontario Disability Support Program -Employment Supports clients. I have a degree in psychology, many career counselling credits, management training and a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would like to find a job where I can use my skills an abilities to help others reach their goals and live better lives. Do you know of anyone or any resources that might help me in my job search. Thanks.”

Sorry if that sounded like a commercial. Just doing what the voices in my head tell me to do. Tee Hee.

Anyways, back to the blog. After fretting for days about what to do with it, I let go and let god and amazing things started to happen. I had also decided to no longer do private channeled reading for people, but felt guided to respond to 2 people who asked. Following this guidance has opened up something in me and I once again feel like I am on the perfect path doing what fills me with joy and excitement.

Here’s the link to an amazing video that was sent to me at just the right time. It’s about following your bliss and doing what makes your heart sing, just what I want my next job to be.


Well, that my summary for the end of the year. I am closing a chapter of my life and have stepped on the 4th path of letting go and letting god.

Thanks so much for being a fellow traveller.

Blessings, sheryl


2 Responses to A new way of being in 2010

  1. jean says:

    thank you so much Sheryl for being willing to “hang in” there with this……for the benefit of all of us. I feel your mission is to bring many of us together who are experiencing the same ascension symptoms which are not fun…and being able to connect with each other so we do not feel so alone in this path. Bless you for all that you are willing to give of yourself for others. Love, jc

  2. L says:


    love and light,

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