The New Year 2010

A message from Mother Mary

There will be so many changes coming for all of you in what you define as a new year. Expect the unexpected to happen in all areas of your life. Healing is happening on all levels of your being and this will begin to become evident to you as the year proceeds along it’s artificial time line.

Whenever you have a doubt, know that there is something within you that you long to change. Doubt is the messenger, it is up to you to uncover the message. This may be done by examining how close or how far you have moved from the divine and your own inner divine guidance that comes from your higher self, guides, angels and other beings of light. We are constantly sending you messages. The challenge exists at your end, whether or not you are paying attention and receiving them.

Messages can come to you in any way, at any time and take any form. Some hear voices in their minds, some have so called gut feelings, some have visions or dreams, some feel something so strongly they know it to be true or a danger for your soul. Sometimes the message comes from a book, a movie, the TV that many of you love so much to watch and sometimes they come from another who is inspired by us to pass a message along to you as this being who is typing has been willing to do.

Sometimes this message is something you see in the world around you and sometimes it is an item that you find, falls off a shelf or is given to you. There is an unlimited abundance of ways that we send messages. We plead that you begin to pay attention and know these messages for what they are.

You will find over the year that as you consciously intend to be open to clearly receive messages, this will become  easier and easier for you to do. Practice makes it a habit. We know of no other way to help you change your minds, which is what we are asking you to train to do. Train your minds to first see the message in all things, all situations and in every person that comes into your world. Begin to pay attention with consciousness until it becomes a habit.

Receiving the message is but the first step in this process and is actually the easiest part of receiving divine guidance. The big challenge is accepting the gift that you are being given. This is the most difficult to learn and again only comes to be habit through practice.

When you receive a message, make the effort to follow this guidance and then watch what happens. For many of you including this being who types, it can be something that seems to be miraculous that starts to happen. The miracle is not that the message has been sent, but that you “got it”.

Many do not believe they deserve to have divine guidance and this blocks the reception. It is like trying to watch a TV show on channel 3 when you are tuned to channel 50. Being open to receive these messages is a process of changing the channel for many of you. Do this with intention and ask us for help. Help will come to you in abundance and we will be persistent until you really “get it”

For some of you the main block is trust. You do not trust yourself, you do not trust others, you do not trust the world around you, you do not trust the divine and the source of these messages. Most of them come from your own inner guidance, your higher self which knows itself to be a divine part of god with a very open channel of communication to beings in the realm of spirit. You have this ability built into you, you just learned to shut it down for many reasons, often because it is not logical.

Oh how you love to use your logic, just one aspect of your brain and not necessarily the smartest part. Your intuiton is literally tuned into the frequency of the divine all of the time. You just need to train your mind to tune into this channel all of the time. Again, setting the intention that this happen is all you need to do and then practice, practice, practice until you do trust your own inner knowing, for that is the voice of God and the beings of light who walk with you.

Never forget that you are loved beyond measure and that you are never alone. Guides, angels and beings of light are always at your side, in front, behind, below and above your energy system. You are always surrounded by love and the light of the divine. Never are you alone. Alone is just a feeling that you create as a response to not remembering your divine heritage. You are part of all that is. It is not possible to be alone. For many of you this too is an issue to consider when learning to tune into the divine messaging system.

In modern terms, it is like we are always writing a blog for you in response to everything that you desire, that you need and that you simply just want to experience. The messages are constantly being written and sent to you. To benefit, you just need to learn how to read them.

And then when you do begin to get all of the messages we send, the next step is to take inspired action based on the messages that come to you. Again, this is something that only you can learn to do. You need to decide that you will act on what feels right for you and then your life will become magical. That is where the true magic lies, in how you live your life, the choices you make and the love that you share with the world. To do this, just do it and then watch your life change.

How do you know if you are receiving and following the divine messages towards the best possible outcome? This is the easiest part of the whole process. Pay attention to how you feel. You are all masters of feeling, although far too often your thoughts lead you to feelings you would rather not have. But all of this is about to change in 2010 if you so choose.

Let your feelings be your guide when you take action based on divine messages that you have received. Following divine guidance always lead to peace and love although this may not be the first feeling that you feel. Sometimes finding the love in a situation means opening and releasing the uncomfortable feelings that may come from some circumstances.

Remember that when you ask for guidance it is important to be open to getting a message that you as a conscious, logical being may not want to hear, but it may be the message that your higher self knows that you need to hear. If you don’t want to know, just don’t ask for the messages will be filled with honesty and love and sometimes the most loving thing can hurt at first until you really understand the message and the benefit that will come when you continue to follow your inner guidance.

2010 is a year of major change for everyone. Things are speeding up and opportunities for you to live abundant, successful, loving lives are all around you. Is this what you want for yourself? Then instead of setting a new years resolution, why don’t you ask for guidance to be sent to you as you walk step by step into your life.

Perhaps your so called resolution may look more like a prayer

Hello divine beings. Thanks for being there to help and support me. Help me to clearly receive the messages that you send. Help me to be fully open to receive the message. And help me to have the courage to follow my inner wisdom and your guidance every day. I know that I am loved beyond measure and am so grateful for this gift of divine guidance.

Blessings for every step of your journey at this time.

Mary, your divine mother.


7 Responses to The New Year 2010

  1. mary says:

    thank you…. this spoke to me deep with in my heart.
    I am still learn and looking for guidance and it seems mother mary comes to me.

  2. Christina says:

    Thank you!

  3. Christina says:

    We have to remember who we are and to trust because miracles are the habit

  4. jean says:

    Thank you for the beautiful message, Mother Mary…all I long for is the peace that passeth understanding…..the Kingdom of Heaven Within and all else will be added. May I be a part of helping to ease my brothers and sisters into having all things made new. Much love to all, jc

  5. Kate I says:

    Blessings to you Sheryl and thank you to both you and Mother Mary for these words of love and wisdom.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Lumina says:

    Yup. This month my intution/Guidance/Clairaudience etc has been turned up a few notches and I have described it as “magical.” Amazing to be so connected each and every day and actually hearing Guidance several times throughout each day. A shift too huge to not notice. 🙂

  7. L says:

    in the fifth dimension miracles are a habit!

    thank you Sheryl.

    new years blessings to all!

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