My bubble is a purple triangle

I loved the recent message from Mary about putting a bubble around yourself and then calling in a pillar of light from above. I’ve been using the following prayer  for many years.

Before I do any spiritual work, I use this prayer to connect me to divine energies. I was taught this prayer many years ago and it was described to me as being a direct line to God. It always leaves me feeling connected and protected. I don’t know how the words are spelled, so this is a phonetic version of the words and in brackets is the translation of what it all means.

Kadoish, kadoish, kadoish, adoni zabeoth

Kadoish, kadoish, kadoish, adoni zabeoth

Kadoish, kadoish, kadoish, adoni zabeoth

(Holy, holy, holy is our mother/father God)


(Peace be with you)

I call on all of the guides and angels who are working with me

(sometimes I use specific names – you decide)

El ee-lee-on

El ee-lee-on

El ee-lee-on

(Surround yourself with a bubble of light in whatever colour and shape feels right for you – I use a purple triangle)

Lay-oo-esh shekinah

Lay-oo-esh shekinah

Lay-oo-esh shekinah

(Call down a pillar of divine light from above to surround you and fill you)

If anyone know the correct spelling of this prayer, I’d love to know – also what language is it?


4 Responses to My bubble is a purple triangle

  1. jeremy says:

    hebrew, arabic, and ancient flame language

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with this mantra. It is ancient Hebrew.

    Eli, eli, eli is the body of zohar and opens the primary chakratic circuitry.

    Shekinah is the androgynous feminine principal of God, divine counterpart to Yhvh. Layooesh shekinah is the light within; the feminine principle.

    For more information about these extremely high frequencies, pick up a copy of “Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life” by Salantra. It will guide you to consciously raise your frequency and much, much more.

  3. Eileen says:

    … Sheryl you asked about the correct spelling for this mantra ..

    The spelling which I have is :

    Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish
    Adonai Tsebayoth

    By the way – the purple triangle … do you get Quality Street chocolates as one of their chocolates is called the Purple Triangle … milk chocolate with a hazelnut in the centre – yummy 🙂

  4. Eileen says:

    Hi Sheryl

    I too use the Kadoish Mantra.

    Here’s some info I have about it …

    – helps to connect our mind to with the Mind of God.
    – Its resonance unites the lower vibrationary levels with the higher levels of creation, for it is the best of all states of matter and radiation.
    – Even the human heart beat is set according to the rhythm of the Kadoish Mantra.
    – It is the Cosmic vibration which stimulates growth because it provides additional octaves of sound beyond the normal human range. This activates every subatomic particle through its own unique colour vibration and allows matter to feel the stimulus of Divine Love.

    On the highest human level, by using this Sacred Expression 3 Times for the power of the trinity to activate it, it can be invoked to create a vortex or pillar of Divine energy.
    This can be used in all practical situations for problem – solving, healing and all manner of raising consciousness,whatever and whenever we wish to direct energy to do God’s work.
    The Kodoish Mantra empowers us to discern the spiritual from the negative forces, for the latter cannot remain for any length of time in the presence of this high vibration or resonance.

    …Thank you once again Sheryl .. I had forgotten about this Mantra as so often happens at times when I am low .. I seem to forget that there are tools out there than can be so helpful.
    I truly feel that you are embarking on some incredible work and helping so many people.
    Thank you so much

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