New Year – New Life

For over a year I have been struggling with the decision to leave my well paid secure employment counseling job which was making me very ill and move into something that filled me up instead of drained me. The past few months have been especially challenging as I know I need to get back to work and did not know what work to be doing.

I decided to let go and let god and have been following divine guidance since that time. I was led to set some goals for work and this is the short version of what I wanted to manifest.

I have a job that is supported by God, where I get to use all of my gifts and wisdom to bring beauty and abundance to the world and myself

Not the typical job description to be sure. What is amazing me is that from setting this simple intention, so many pieces have fallen into place recently, that yesterday, I was able to write a clear description of the work I am being guided to do. It was by learning some techniques to use to create abundance in your life that I was able to eventually come to a fairly clear job description which literally fell into place without me doing anything more that just pay attention to the messages – like read a certain book, talk to a certain person, ask for something, and so on. I am so absolutely amazed that figuring out what to do was so simple.

Simple, yes, easy, no. It’s been a challenge which has brought so many unresolved past issues to the surface for healing. It’s meant paying attention to how I think, what I believed and how I was feeling.

Well it feels like I have the idea for work, the next phase is setting up and following an action plan which has ended up being my version of a new year’s resolution. I had to stop part way through writing it all down, because it felt like so much work. But then I was reminded that working on finding the ideal job is work.

So onto the next phase of moving into my job as a coworker with God. Taking one step at a time as I implement the action plan (after I get it finished of course)

For some ideas and inspiration about what we might expect in 2010, I recommend reading Solara’s Surf Report for 2010.

It’s a long read, but worth it.

Blessings, sheryl


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