Me time

A message from Mother Mary

Take some time each day to just be still and quiet. This could be the few minutes before you fall asleep, the time before you get out of bed or a period of time during the day. Make that “Me time”, time to nurture your soul and spirit. This may be when you speak to us in spirit or it may be time to dream about what you would love to have or do or it may be a time for quiet reflection or a time to remember things or people that you love.

It does not matter so much how you use this time as long as you remind yourself that this is a time to shut down the inner voices that are afraid and say negative things in your mind. This is NOT their time. This is time for the real you, the part of you that knows itself to be an aspect of God.

This can be as long a period as you feel you need on a particular day, or as short as, “help!” directed towards your guides and angels. What you choose to do is up to you. It is about honouring the need that a part of you have to be reconnected with the divine and for you to begin to truly learn that you do indeed have help available at all times and we long so much to communicate with you.

During this quiet “Me time” you will learn how to more easily open yourself to your own inner wisdom, your higher self which is important for the next phase of your work. Imagine what it will be like when you have the ability to shut off those negative voices and clearly hear the inner voice of your own divine guide, your higher self.

And know that this higher self knows that it is divine and has access to all of the guides and angels that surround you and all universal knowledge. If your higher self does not immediately know the answer, they just pick up their own inner phone system and ask and receive a message that can then be passed along to you in an instant.

For this to begin to happen to many, it will take practice and “Me time” is practice time to open up the lines of communication. We have so much to share with you, most particularly that you are love and blessed beyond measure. Just imaging the love you have for someone or a beloved pet or your favourite place on the planet and multiply that feel by hundreds of thousands and then you may begin to understand the scope of love that we have for you.


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