A year of major changes

I seem to have an open line to Mother Mary these days and have asked her about the upcoming year and how it will affect those who are awakening to their role as healers.

She tells me this is the year we will wake up and move into our new roles. We can do this the easier way or the more difficult way.

The easier way is to learn to tune in and trust your own inner guidance, that knowing, that gut feeling, that message that you get that prompts you to either do or not do something. For many, the easiest way to begin to really tune into this inner guidance is through meditation, whatever type works best for you.

And, the trust part can be a challenge for many. I know it is for me. I will get guided to do something that makes absolutely no sense, and only later find out the importance of doing this. It’s not only learning to trust the guidance you receive, but also learning to trust your own inner knowing.

I’m finding that as I get faced with new decisions to make about my future, I seek out a card reader or channeler or other such gifted person to get input from another source. Doing this has given me assurance that I am on the right track and has helped me see some of the blind spots, the things I just don’t want to look at.

The more difficult way to awaken is to fight your inner knowings every step of the way. It might be that something does not make sense, or costs too much money, or takes too much work, or is just plain too scary. And sometimes we just try to ignore things that require our attention.

I have found the hard way that the more I try to ignore something that has come up for healing, the more in my face it gets. A disagreement with someone might lead to an argument and then to a break up in a relationship if you don’t take the experience as an opportunity to learn what you need to learn from the situation and do something about it. It has been said that what we resist, persists and I have found that to be so true.

Many of the challenges that are coming up lately are areas of our life where we may benefit from some healing or change. I’ve learned to take some time every time a challenge is there to look for the message that this challenge is telling me and take action as required.

Some of the discomfort that we are experiencing is, once again, the massive energy adjustments that all of us are going through. Sometimes the only things we can do is ask our guides and angels to  help in any way they can, and ride it out. These energy changes can be uncomfortable, but we can move through them with grace and ease and acceptance if we choose. Again, our guides and angels can help.

I don’t know about others, but since Jan.1st, my life has been in fast forward. On new years day, I was given an outline of the healing work I am to be doing. I said yes to this assignment and then, wow, things really started to come together so quickly. This is my first full day off this year. I had to schedule this as a day to get caught up on things.

If you are open to it, you will be guided fully into your healing work this year. It may not look like what you would expect. My healers job is acting as a messenger for Mother Mary and providing support and resources to people who are ready to change their lives, especially in the area of employment.

Healing can happen whenever we are with other people regardless of what we are doing with them. The role of a healer is to be a clear and open vessel for divine energy and to send that energy out to the people around you. This can happen in person or at a distance. And it is most effective if the person  you are sending this love energy to is open to receive this love and light which is what does the healing.

I’ll post more information as it comes to me.
Blessings, sheryl


3 Responses to A year of major changes

  1. mercia martins olimpio says:

    oi sheryl obrigada pela mensagen eu sou brasileira tamben estou trabalhando como poso e vou apreendendo
    voces ec/ cristo miguel e mãe MARIA .hoje eu entrei no sit comandoestrelar e te encontrei.muito obrigada.

  2. jean says:

    Sheryl, don’t know how to write you other than this way…..this is not a comment on the above. But when I tried to acknowledge Eileen and Ebony with the link all that was visible was an application to join the group. That is all that kept showing up. And I am already joined, I think. I am just not too literate on how to do some of this internet stuff(smile). Am I pressing the wrong button. jc

  3. Janney says:

    Hi Sheryl, just needed to say thank you for your message today,your comment about working in the employment sector.This has been my areana for some years but left early 2009 for family reasons.I am just athe process to become a Workshop Facilitator with unemployed @special needs people but have my doubts along the way. Like you, Iam a Lightworker,a Blue Ray so my external working life has always been difficult in a sense.So I will post my application, dust of my wings which have been folded for a moment or two and reconnect to the people that need our help.Have a great day and trust you will feel better in the tummy soon. Ps. I live about 100 miles from Melbourne, Australia which is only a breath away in Spirit terms,love and light Janney Talbot

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