Mother Mary – Becoming Beings of Light

There are so many changes going on in all of you at this time that are making the transition from being a 3 dimensional being into a 5th dimensional being, which is happening to so many of you that call yourselves light workers or starseeds.

The term does not matter. It applies to all of you who are consciously learning to be all that you can be and infuse your being with love and light.

It does not matter what language you speak or where you live or what you do to fill your day. It does not matter which church you go to, which religion you follow or whether you just follow spirit as you define this for yourselves. The language and rituals do not matter to anyone but you.

What does matter is that you are being asked to move into being the ones of light that you have signed on to become in this lifetime. It is time to peel off the old disguises and step up and step out into a new life, one filled with love and light.

You have been hidden far too long and the world needs your brilliance right now. The time of needing to hold the light for many is approaching.

And I do not say this in a way to imply that doomsday is coming for it is not. Change is coming, yes, but it will not be anything like many have perceived it to be. It is a shift into the 5th dimension where so much will change as beings learn to be open and honest with each other, to work together in partnership and to help each other when needed. That is the time that is upon all of you.

The details of how all of this will play out are truly up to your collective consciousness. While many have had glimpses of future possibilities, the reality will become what you choose it to be as the whole of humanity moves forward.

What we in spirit are doing now is waking up a minimum of 8,000 beings of light around the world, and you my messenger are one of these beings.

This is the minimum number of beings of pure light who are needed to anchor in enough light to make the changes to the 5th dimensional way of being as easy as possible for all of humanity.

It is true that there will be earth changes and that many people will transition back into spirit. It is also true that those who choose to leave have indeed chosen to leave. It is not accidental or a catastrophe, but part of the plan that soul groups have planned for before they came into the earth plane at this time.

We in spirit are in the process of waking up as many of you as possible to simply hold light as change happens. You do this by clearing out all that is blocking you from becoming all that you can be and learning to anchor enough light in your bodies that you become a sort of love and light generator on the planet.

It is like you will be light houses that will guide others to safety. And this does not apply so much to physical safety as to emotional and spiritual safety, generally helping others to live the light that they are and make choices that lead them to joy and fulfillment.

The wakeup call has been sounded and many of you have responded, indeed many more that the required 8,000 have begun the process of changing their lives to live out the divine contracts that you signed on for before you came into the earth plane.

For this wakeup has been planned by the soul group who chose to be on the planet at this particular time in history to stabilize humanity during the time of change.

If you think you are one of those who are being woken up, then know that it is most likely that you are. For, you would not be attracted to the energy of these words if the message was not for you.

Most of you will be changing in dramatic ways, your relationships, you location, your work and most importantly, your way of being in the world.

It is important that you learn now to tune into your own inner guidance to facilitate this process. There are many among you who can assist you to learn how to do this. The main technique is to just learn to still your mind, listen to that inner voice and then trust the information that comes to you. You all have this ability built in, you just need to start using and trusting it.

Many of you will be setting up what another of our messengers calls “storefronts”. A storefront is the unique way that you bring your gift and abilities out into the world. These are your spiritual gifts that are a perfect match for the natural talents that you have. The next step in this is to match these with the needs of those in the world around you.

You will know exactly what to do. Learn to trust your inner guidance each step of the way. And to help you tune into this, we are training many, many messengers like the one who is writing this, to bring the words of spirit into your awareness.

Seek them out. Not so much to tell you what you need to hear, but to confirm what you already know intuitively, but don’t quite trust. That is the true role of the messengers, to affirm your inner knowings that you have learned to ignore.

There is some sense of urgency in getting the so called infrastructure of lightworkers in place to facilitate the coming changes. Because of decisions to grow and move forward that many of you have made in the past year, the whole process has speeded up.

Your light, love and gifts are needed now. That is why some of you are feeling such an urgency to do things and are making decisions that seem to be out of character for you. You too are being speeded up and are being pulled by your own inner wisdom to prepare to do your light work.

With this shift into your new roles, comes a change in your own physical system which is why so many of you are having physical challenges again.

It is like you have always functioned as a 30 watt light bulb. You have always held enough energy in your physical system to light a 30 watt bulb. That was your wattage while you were asleep and just going through life, learning what you came to learn and preparing for the next phase of what you came to do.

The lightworkers need to begin to burn 300 watt light bulbs in order to fulfill their roles as the energy transition proceeds. This means that you need to have a physical system that allows you to generate enough energy to light up a 300 watt bulb.

Think about it. It takes a lot of changes to your system to get you burning bright as the true being of light that you are. And that is the change that is happening to so many of you.

This adjustment is mostly felt on a physical level in some dramatic ways, as you have been experiencing, often as pain and often as fatigue. Wherever you have a weak point in your physical body, you will most likely feel the greatest challenges, for this is where the shift of energy is most needed.

The adjustment is also happening to your emotional body, your spiritual body and your etheric body although how you experience this is very different.

Every one of you is at a different stage of this change and has a unique body, mind, spirit system already. So what each of you experience will be different.

It is appropriate to ask for help from others if you feel the need for this. There are many different practitioners who can assist you through this time of change and indeed, many of these practitioners are the ones who are also going through times of change themselves.

There is no one on this planet that is not being affected in some way. The energies of planet earth are different than they were just a few months ago and will continue to shift as time as you know it goes on.

Just know this. There are many, many, many beings of light around you to assist you at this time. While the changes may feel uncomfortable, they are all for the highest good. There is lots of help that you can provide for each other and you are being guided each step of the way.

Know most of all that this is a great service that you are doing for all of humanity by being conscious about moving into being the beacon of light that you are meant to be. We honour you for taking on this task.

You are loved beyond measure and we in spirit are here to help you in any way that we can. We just need you to ask.

So hold on as you go through this time of change. It won’t last much longer given that you do what you can to just ride it out with ease and grace. You can’t even begin to imagine the wonders of what you are in the process of creating.

Blessings to all of you, who walk in the light,

Mary, your divine mother


10 Responses to Mother Mary – Becoming Beings of Light

  1. David Knight says:

    Really enjoyed this post..Many thanks..God bless and love amd light to all….Dave AscensionForYou

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you so very much…this clarification is helping me to connect the personal dots with the universal ones! Blessings to you, in Love & Light

  3. maxinetwemlowmoss says:

    I have just recently become aware of the Mayan Calendar…I have also just found a connection between the Mayan Calendar and Chief Seattle; which my mam did a cross stitch of in the year she died on the 9.9.1999. Do you think this could be a sign?(the 9th wave n all).

  4. Bill Ballard says:

    I am one of these “Energy Bearers”! The energies are truly potent as the week before Easter Sunday 2010 came through… The octave of vibration is the same, but the potency, amperage or intensity coming through is so amazing. Im 48 and a lifer lightworker. I am an 11:11 Doorway Opener, who is in tune with the planetary frequencies and adjustments going on since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence…

    What is happening now, is what we waited on for all those years! Even with being used to the fequencies, what is coming in now, and I LOVE IT SO, is so potent, I have to leave others to receive it… It literally leaves me speachless as I receive… How do you explain it? Above it says 30 watt to 300 watt… Well, try 3000 watt…. or somewhere between… It definately seems more that 10x, as what I am stepping down… WOW… How wonderful! What esctacy! What bliss, but potent bliss! How do you explain it?

  5. Cirdonia says:

    THANK YOU for this message. I felt so small. so humble and so hounored reading it, that it made my cry a little. My longing is so strong…

  6. ShadowWolf says:

    I so needed to hear this thank you!

    Love, Light and Clear Sight. Namaste, In Lak’ech!

  7. Anjo says:

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

    We are love.

    Thanks, again… Thanks !

  8. jean says:

    Thank you, Sheryl, for sharing this message with us. This message gives great comfort to so many of us experiencing these emotional and physical reconfigurations and discomforts within us. We are so blessed to know we are not alone in this process. Love to all of us. jc

  9. Julie says:

    Thanks for posting this. I am going through a lot of the things mentioned here and it’s comforting to have it put in a larger context.

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