Moving forward

I’ve been busy this week getting things set up to help me move into a new phase of my life. The process of getting to this point has been amazing.I left a secure well paid job last April after going into job burnout. I soon began to realize that in order to stay well, I needed to move into a different type of job. I had no idea what to do instead, so asked Mother Mary for help.

I was told by Mary that I would be given divine guidance one piece of information at a time. It was like a dot to dot picture, where I was given one dot at a time. Finally, when there were enough dots in place, they all came together to form a whole picture and I now know what type of work would be best for me.

There has been an upside and a downside to getting information in this way.

The upside is that I never felt overwhelmed by getting too much information at once. If I was told up front that I would be setting up an international business combining coaching with  my spiritual gifts, I think I would have felt so overwhelmed at the idea that I would do what I do best when overwhelmed and just shut down and done nothing.

You’ll notice that I used the word overwhelmed 3 times in 2 sentences. Yes, this is a major issue for me that I am learning to deal with effectively. And I know that those that provide my divine guidance also know this about me and were careful to never give me more than I could handle at one time.

The downside of getting information one dot at a time is that I like to know the big picture before I get all of the details. It’s like doing a puzzle. I want to know what the picture looks like when it is done before I start. It was kind of scary to just be given a bunch of puzzle pieces without knowing how they were meant to fit together.

In the end, I’ve learned that following divine guidance is a brilliant way to bring what you want into your life.

I decided that I wanted to move into a new job. At the beginning of this process, I had no idea what type of job would be ideal for me.  I started with a statement something like this:

“I have a job that is divinely supported where I get to use all of my gifts and wisdom to bring beauty and abundance to myself and others.”

I’ve worked as an employment counsellor for 7 years and I have to admit that what I set as a goal was nothing like any job goal I’ve ever heard of. I just knew that this was exactly the type of job I wanted.

I then just turned it over to God, my guides and angels to help me manifest this desire. That’s when the dots started to be given to me, one at a time. What an absolutely amazing process this has been. This is an example of walking on the 4th path.

Today it feels like I’ve completed step one of moving into my dream job. By putting all of the dots together, I now have a clear job description, which for me has ended up being self employment, helping others to determine their dreams and move into lives of joy and abundance. Pretty exciting stuff!!

Step two is learning about running a business. This too is happening one dot at a time. I just keep getting guided to just the right information at just the right time and am inspired to take certain actions that often make no sense at the time.

I’m slowly learning to trust this divine guidance and am so grateful to have that kind of help to move through a challenging time in my life.

Until next time……



3 Responses to Moving forward

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Sheryl. It is truly inspirational. Once again you are helping many people by your example of showing how magical life can be when we learn to trust our inner guidance.

    Much love


  2. Quia says:

    Lots of divine love and light to you! You are BLOOMING! 🙂


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