Jeshua on Trust

I was asking what I can do to learn to trust my inner divine guidance and this is the response that I was given:

You try to control things when you don’t trust. Let go of the need to control and just trust your divine guidance.

There are many areas that you can begin to practice trust. Just start with this moment; be only in the moment. When you are in the moment, trust is not needed.

Trust is about the future, not the now. It is trusting that what you believe  or want or need will come to you in the future. Trust is ALWAYS about the future.

And, it is most often based on the past – the mind maps, as you call them. [our  unconscious beliefs and patterns] That is where the pictures that are projected into the future come from. You need not have trust when you are in the moment, right here and right now.

When ever you find yourself in worry or distrust, you are not in the now. Again, worry is the belief or more accurately the fear that what happened in the past will happen in the future.

Now here is where free will choice comes in. Do you want the past to repeat itself or do you want something different to happen? You choose.

And when you put your  energy on what happened in the past and attach your feeling of worry, you have the risk of projecting the past into the future.

When you do desire something better for yourself in the future, focus on the desire and feel the reality of that desire and so it will come to be.

Trust is not needed to have what you desire, it is just a matter of choosing what it is that you really want and holding onto the energy of what it is like to have that desire now. And so it will be.



2 Responses to Jeshua on Trust

  1. Thank you for this message. It “arrived” in perfect time for me. Just when discouragement sets in, when my desire is still very strong,yet evidence that it will manifest is lacking. And I begin to question my motives and my sanity. Last time I eventually gave up to “reality.”

    I have been asking for divine help to give me clarity and direction. Is what I desire in my highest interest? I still am not clear on the answer to that one, but at least I have encouragement here to choose a different future.

  2. Kate I says:

    This is a wonderful message Sheryl!

    “When you are in the moment, trust is not needed. Trust is about the future, not the now.”

    This passage really spoke to me…thanks for sharing.

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