Hello everyone,

It feels like a long time since I did my last posting. It’s been a time of both challenges and progress.

My body just kind of shut down again for a few weeks. It started with a cold and I had a number of very unusual symptoms that would show up for a short while and then just vanish.

When I asked my guides what was going on I was informed that we have been going through another significant energy shift and download which has caused the planet to shake in the form of earthquakes and affected many people in a variety of ways.

I’ve been assured that the physical discomfort and fatigue that this has caused for many will soon shift once again. There is another energy shift happening at about the middle of March which will change things once again and leave most of us feeling better than we have for a while.

Many have been going through a process of deep emotional healing as well. In order to make room for even more light in our energy system, more of the unnecessary gunk from our past needed to be cleared out. The incoming light energy of the past month or so has caused this gunk to be on the move and it has been moving out of our bodies, often feeling like an emotional state that seemed totally unrelated to what was going on in our lives at the time.

I know I would just start to cry forĀ  no reason, or start to feel very irritated at absolutely nothing. I’ve felt like an emotional yo yo, feeling fabulous one minute and in the pit of despair the next. Fortunately, this clearing is soon coming to an end.

This will be a year of major change for many, many people as we move into the new roles that we will be taking on to help move our planet into the 5th dimension.

I’ve been guided to get going on my part of this process. I will be working with people who are ready to learn the truth of who they are, what they are here to learn and what they are here to do. This is one part of a 7 step transition process that I am developing to guide people into living their lives on purpose – to step up and begin to do their soul work.

I will be sure to let everyone know when I am ready to launch this work and the biweekly newsletter that will soon be going out. I don’t have a set date for this to happen. I have a lot of work to do putting this all together. I expect to be able to introduce components of this work as they are ready, with the full 7 step process ready to launch by the fall.

Step one is launching tools that help people to identify their soul themeĀ  and what you came here to learn. The next component to be launced helps people identify what they came here to do at this time. Exciting stuff!!

On top of all of this, I have felt disconnected from my guides once again. For some reason, they get out of the way while we go through some of our times of transition. For some, this means a shift in guides, and for some, it leads to a closer and deeper connection to the guides who have been with us all along.

I have found that my connection to Mary has changed in many ways and I don’t really know how to describe what has happened. Since she has reconnected with me and I can once again hear her speaking in my mind, the experience has been different. Her voice now feels more natural and not so disconnected from me. I’m still getting used to this difference.

I have started a monthly meditation and messages group that meets at Purple Door Books in Kingston. We will be meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month except for March. We’re meeting on Tuesday, March 23rd (because of March Break and people being away) There is a $10 cost and everyone is welcomed to join us. We meet at 6:30 pm and wrap up at about 8. There is time to check in and connect with each other, listen to a channeled message from Mother Mary, time to ask questions and receive a channeled response, and we end with a guided meditation to help you open your own channels to divine guidance.

I am working on being able to post the audio message on my website so everyone can listen in, but still have not resolved some of the technical issues. I hope to have the message from our March get together posted by the end of March. In the near future, this will also be a live webcast so you can join us from anywhere in the world. Amazing technology!

I hope that all of you are finding your way through this process of energy shifts. Take care of yourself, and know that we will soon be moving into a time of joy.

Blessings, sheryl


4 Responses to Update

  1. mavis says:

    I am so excited for you that you are learning, processing , developing and sharing. Your blessing is our blessing. I eagerly await the launch of your newest endeavour !! Loving thoughts, prayers and blessings, and health to you Sheryl!!!! What a gift it will be to have the tools and processes to find out what so many of us have been searching for , for so long……..

  2. jean says:

    Sheryl, thank you for letting us/me know we are not alone with what is going on withing us. You are loved and appreciated. jc

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