Thanks for all of the feedback regarding the last post on this blog. I received many, many comments, both posted as comments and by email. The responses have been very interesting and got me thinking about a lot of things.So many people admired my courage for being so open and real which was very encouraging to hear.  It did feel risky to let the real me out from behind the mask.

This also triggered feelings of great sadness that we live in a culture where it is an act of courage to talk about being human and having human experiences. My hope is that someday we will all feel free to be who we are and it’s all okay. This is the new earth we are trying to create.

I had a number of messages from people who were disappointed to discover that I was a real person who just happens to have some spiritual gifts. It seems that others had some expectations about how I was supposed to be as a person and it’s seems that I have let them down.

Sorry guys, but please take be down off the pedestal. I have lived a challenging life, full of lessons and experiences, just like all of the rest of the humans on this planet. I came here to learn and some of my life lessons have been difficult, like getting ill, feeling insecure, not liking myself much of the time, and feeling like it is safer to do what others want and expect rather that be who I really am.

I’m very human and do what humans do. I need help and reach out to others for their guidance and support. I get sick and take medication when necessary. I can be insecure and turn to others with spiritual gifts to get their perspective. I have experiences that are painful, and often learn things the hard way.

I’ve been learning some of my greatest lessons this past week as I start to live my life as the real me, letting go of my need to please everyone by putting on a mask. This has been challenging, and very freeing at the same time and the greatest side effect is that I am discovering a person behind the mask that I really like.

One of my greatest “ah ha’s” has been realizing all of the gifts, strengths wisdom that I have gained through all of the challenging experiences. My life has shaped me and taught me so much that I would not have learned if my life had been all sunshine and roses.

Here’s the exercise that I did that shifted how I see my life. I wrote down all of the positive things that I have learned through the challenging experiences. I recommend this exercise to anyone who has been challenged by life – in other words, everyone.

And I want to explain why I am going back to my old workplace in another role. I’m doing this because this is what I am being guided to do. I’ve learned that walking on the 4th path and following divine guidance sometimes means doing things that don’t always make sense to me at first glance. I will be working there on a part time basis in a low stress, somewhat easy job to give me the financial security I asked for while I develop my business to provide service using my spiritual gifts.

I wanted to make this transition in a different way, but the guides who walk with me have shown me a way to move into my new life that works for me, my family and the employer that has been so supportive of me over the years. When I move my ego out of the way, I can see the perfection in all of this.

And the most important lesson that I gained from this week is that it is possible to take my power back, be authentic and be vulnerable all at the same time. Taking off the mask did make me feel vulnerable, but it also made me feel proud to be me, warts and all. And by accepting all of my experiences and the benefits of the lessons learned, I feel very strong and free, an amazing place to be.

Blessings, sheryl


5 Responses to Feedback

  1. Wow I am literally the first comment to this incredible post?!

  2. JC says:

    Bless you, Sheryl, for ALL that you have shared with us to bring us all together as we know ourselves to be ONE…..each an individual sparkle on the Planet. May all of your dreams come true for you. Luv. jc

  3. Rosana says:

    You are a Beauty-Full soul Sheryl, thank you for sharing your courage with us.
    I also started removing my maks and am not afraid to be who I am anymore. I’ve come to realize that I do like myself after all, what I did not like was that person I was trying to be to please the rest of the world. It’s an amazing relief.
    Love and Light

  4. Gwendolyn says:

    Way to go,Sheryl. You are beautiful and incredible. And though I have never seen your face, I feel proud to know you. Trying to please others is just tedious. I’m Glad you have found the freedom and the power of being authentically you. I look forward to your posts because you encourage me so much on my own path by just being truthful about yours.
    peace in!

  5. mike says:

    Hey Sheryl:
    I just have to say that you are one brave and beautiful women with strength and power like I have never seen before. It has been 20 years for me being alone and if I were near you I would love to meet a woman like you. Hopefully some day I will just that I hope soon because I’m getting older and won’t last.
    Thanks for your bravery and sincerity.

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