In the flow…..

It’s been a strange time lately- a lot of major changes, and a lot of nothing at the same time.

I’m still focused on doing everything I need to do to heal from the 20+ years of chronic depression that had left me living a pretty miserable life. The biggest change is that I feel really well.

It was like a celebration of sorts when I walked into my doctor’s office this past week and told him that I am doing amazingly well. Instead of talking about symptoms and medication, we spent our time together discussing spirituality and alternative healing techniques. What a blessing!

I just keep following my inner guidance and try everything that I feel drawn to try to keep me moving towards perfect health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My latest discovery is Ann Taylor who connects with God and offers a type of prayer that helps to make changes in beliefs and how we interact with the world.

I first heard her speak on a teleconference and was so impressed with what she was doing that I ordered all of her audios and have been listening to them often. I’ve really noticed a change in many areas of my life. I feel peaceful, even with the fact that I have gone into debt seeking alternative ways to heal. It all seems just so perfect. Now, this is a MAJOR shift in how I have been for many, many years, especially when it comes to money.

I’m not sure how this works, I just know that it does. I had a 15 minute consultation with her and have booked a follow up session to deal with my core fear – trust – trusting life, the world, others, myself and God. This fear has been with me all of my life and I’m finally ready to let it go. This actually feels kind of scary as this has been my protection for so long, but it is time to learn to trust fully and completely and I know that Ann can help me with this. Here’s the link to Ann’s site if you’d like to know more.

I have also been working with Jennifer Clark who lives  in Ottawa, Ontario, about a 2 hour drive from my home. I’ve been travelling there to take Integrated Energy Therapy workshops and am now certified to do this type of healing work with people. Part of this training is being attuned to the angelic energies which practitioners use in their work with others. This made another amazing shift for me. Here’s the IET link for more info.

I’ve also done a few sessions with Jennifer one to one. She does shamanic journeys and other amazing work. I just bring an issue to her and she seems to know just the right solution, in fact her business is Soulful Solutions. I did a couple of phone sessions with her and also spent a half day at her office on a wonderful adventure into other realms. The changes from that have been astounding. Check out what she has to offer if you are ready to shift in a big way and fast.

So, that’s the major changes and here’s the nothing…..

I still don’t have a clear connection to beings in spirit right now. The channel seems to be turned off. I do get the occasional short message, but not the usual constant chatter that I have experienced for most of the last year.

I asked one day what was going on and was told that I am being rewired, that I am changing from a radio receiver to a high definition television receiver, whatever that means. Sounds like I am being shifted from the old way of getting messages to something new and more modern. I just hope that it ends up being a 52″ flat screen with surround sound – my dream television.

So the spiritual chatter is quiet and my life is quiet. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I am really enJOYing my life. No pressures, no schedule, no demands, no hurry and no stress. A whole lot of No-thing. Wonderful.

I am returning to work sometime in the near future. My back to work meeting keeps getting delayed which is just fine with me. I’m in no rush to rejoin the rat race, even if it is only 2 days a week. I’m kind of hoping that this keeps getting delayed until at least September. Keeping my fingers crossed – and my toes.

Instead, I am able to spend time sitting on my deck, surrounded by trees, flowers, birds and my squirrel friends. My favorite is named Sam and he eats sunflower seeds out of my hand and yes, I have named the other 5 squirrels that come to visit. Our backyard is where I most love to be, relaxing in my zero gravity lounge chair – the best piece of furniture I have ever purchased.

I’ve been doing a LOT of reading – which I love to do outside in the summer. I’ve been into biographies of movie stars and mother Theresa, books about healing, and a wide variety of spiritual books.

What I have enjoyed the most has been the books on hand analysis. Did you know that your life lesson and life purpose are embedded in your fingerprints? Most fascinating and of course, my next area of study.

I’m still puttering away on getting business stuff set up and I still hope to launch my business in the fall. There’s a lot that needs to be done and I just putter away at it all, staying in the flow, doing what I feel guided to do every day.

Learning to be in the flow has not come easily. I’m used to goals and planning and deadlines and such and have found that these are a significant source of stress. And, I’ve learned that when I just let go and follow my inner guidance everything works out about 10x better that if I had planned it. This in the flow stuff is awesome.

Until next time, blessing



3 Responses to In the flow…..

  1. Cheryl says:

    Such good news to hear from you, Sheryl. Glad I’m not the only one still feeling disconnected. I just returned to 2 days per week of work and it’s really tough, it almost feels like too much to start with. Being there, amidst some of the same old stuff, it feels like a step backwards, but I had no hesitation when the job was offered to me, so I guess my soul was excited to do it. Hopefully it’s a temporary step toward something I like better.
    I hope you can enjoy as much of your summer as possible before going back to the office.
    Brightest blessings!

  2. Gwendolyn says:

    Lovely, Sheryl. I’ve been getting the “flow with the change” message lately as well. Trusting life has not been an easy one for me either, but I feel like I am finally getting there!
    I think we all may be getting re-wired these days. Requests for readings have dried up on my end, but I’m just relaxing and enjoying my summer and letting the changes come and go. I have a little song that I sing to remind myself to trust: “Everything is unfolding as it should, all I can see in my life is Good, Good, Good, Good, Good and more Good. God knows the plan so I don’t need to know, all I have to do is just go with the flow and it’s Good, it’s all Good, it’s Good and more Good.”

  3. “And, I’ve learned that when I just let go and follow my inner guidance everything works out about 10x better that if I had planned it. This in the flow stuff is awesome.”

    Such critical learning! Sounds like you’ve got this one down pat 🙂 !

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