Hello my friends

I am so honored to have the privilege of being able to now communicate to all of you in this way. We have been working with this channel’s energy system for many months attuning her to be able to connect with the frequency of home. This level of vibration has been reached.

Okay, so now that I have done the formal greeting in the language that you expect from a being in spirit, I will now communicate in the tone that this being we speak through uses and yes, it does come with a share of humour.

I am known  as the Lady of the Sun, or LOTS as I prefer to call myself. I do not wish to be perceived as a formal, scary, serious being, but a being of great light and energy and fun. This is what I hope to be able to bring to all of you who are drawn to read these words.

I am part of a council of 12 light beings who are here to assist with the raising of the energy of this planet, hence the name, Lady of the Sun. As far as my relationship to the Lady Nada as you know her, she is an aspect of my multidimensional self. This is part of the teachings I will be bringing to you as the communication proceeds.

Know that you are not just the being that you know yourself to be. You are so much more than that. As many beings have been teaching lately, you are multidimensional as well and many are beginning to know and merge more fully with these aspects of self that have been somewhat disconnected from you in this lifetime as it was meant to be.

It is like you are now beginning to call you true spirit home and embody the fullness of who you really are as a physical being. Until this moment of time as you know it, this has not been the case for most humans. There have been some in your history that have been fully embodied, but they were the exception and the exceptional beings that you know as Jesus and Buddha to name 2 familiar leaders of light.

Most of you have been going through a somewhat challenging time as of late due to the planetary alignment and the energy shifts and downloads that have been happening. It has been a great time of cleansing for so many, especially the beings of light that you know as lightworkers who are here to shift, to change and to hold the light for this planet to move into its phase of ascension, for it is not just physical beings who are ascending, it is the entire planet.

For many, this has been a time of great clearing once again. All that is not light is being brought out into the open to be cleared and removed from your energy system. You will find that things are shifting and changing very rapidly, much quicker that anyone on the council of light thought possible.

And we want you to know that you are doing a very good job of moving through this challenging period and we honour you for agreeing to do this work on behalf of the entire planet. Like it or not, you all signed up for this experience and the rewards of this work will be great.

Begin to be aware of all that occurs in your surroundings that cause you to feel any upset or distress. These are clues as to what is coming up for you to heal at this time. When this occurs, you may just ask your guides and angels for help and this will be resolved very quickly for the time is now for your clearing to be completed so that you can being the process of further merging with the other dimensional aspects of your soul.

For many of you, you will be guided into situations that seem to be one thing and end up being something that you did not expect. For example, you may choose to take what you thought was your dream job and then find out that it is really a nightmare in disguise. This may happen with relationships, living arrangement and any aspect of your life. These situations do not mean that you have made a mistake, but that you have made a choice that will dramatically draw to you attention that what you thought you wanted at a human level is not what you want at a soul level.

This is part of the process of learning to connect with the multidimensional aspects of who you are. For many of you, you need the contrast between what you thought you wanted and what your soul wants for you to being to understand that you are functioning at many levels of being.

And know that if you do make a choice and then find out that it is not the choice of your soul, you may choose again, and again if need be until you find a match of energy that is perfect for you, for that is really what is going on. You are learning to match your vibrational energy which is being raised as you begin the process of merging with the other aspects of yourself. What vibrated well with the old you as you know it, does not necessarily vibrate well with the real you as you are coming to know yourself to be.

I will end this lesson with a request for all of you. Pay close attention to how you are feeling at each moment, for your feelings are giving you a way to know if you are in vibrational alignment or not. If you feel bad, do something different, think a different thought, make a change, be good to yourself. Just do what you need to do to move you into a better feeling state of being.

I am so happy to finally be able to talk to all of you in this way and I leave you with what I most want you to know,

I love you – LOTS! (Lady of the Sun)


5 Responses to Hello my friends

  1. Gwendolyn says:

    I like it LOTS! Thank you!

  2. Nan says:

    Thank you so much for the work and messages you send, I feel wonderful and alive after reading your words. It helps to have reassurance that all is well and as it should be.blessings Nan

  3. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, Sheryl, for providing this introductory message. I found some of the information pertinent to my recent experiences so I thank you. Can’t wait for the next message from LOTS!


  4. matarikidimension says:

    Hi Sheryl

    Thank you so much for sharing this message. The part about using our feelings as our guide particularly resonates .. the shift in our actions to change the feelings and therefore our vibrations.

    LOTS … yes .. that made me laugh too. We are all Lots more than we believe ourselves to be.

    Her energy sounds lively and fun!



  5. So Sheryl, the true purpose for entitling your Blog, Spirit Speaks is in full manifestation ;)! How very exciting and timely. It is truly an honor to be a witness to this moment.

    Truthfully I found it odd when in this message the Lady of the Sun referred to herself as LOTS…until I read the closing line…LOL! It really resonated loudly with me as that’s what my husband and I frequently would write each other on cards, especially in the beginning of our relationship :). It certainly made me smile…LOTS.

    I’m eager to hear what’s to come and thank you for doing your work to get to where you needed to be to bring her forth.


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