Questions for the Lady of the Sun

In my new role as scribe for the Lady of the Sun, I will be posting her teachings as they are given to me. To guide this process, I would like to know if anyone has any questions or information that they would like to know more about related to her teachings.

So far, I know that she will be sharing information about our multidimensional selves and the process of getting to know and merging with these aspect of our soul.

This in not a place to ask personal questions, but questions related to the topics that are presented in her current teachings. The opportunity to ask personal questions is part of the plan for my next phase of work – coming soon.

If you do have a question you would like answered in the next message that she shares, please add it as a comment after any message and I’ll pass along the question with the request for a response.

This is a new adventure for me and I’m not sure how this will proceed, but I guess we’ll find out as it all unfolds.

Blessings, sheryl


3 Responses to Questions for the Lady of the Sun

  1. Jayday says:

    Hi Sheryl,

    Thank you to you and Lady for accepting questions…

    I am wondering if in any way linked to the process of awakening is also in some way connected to declaring ones sovereignty (ie filing to become a sovereign citizen).

    I have noticed many spiritual people who have recently declared their sovereignty. Is it possible once we realize our God selves and our true internal light power, we then feel it natural to declare our power in a literal sense as in declaring sovereignty.

    The freedom I have felt in doing that process parallels the passion and energy of the current awakening process. I would love to hear Lady’s perspective on this.



  2. matarikidimension says:

    Thanks for this opportunity Sheryl

    I would like to ask about our dormant gifts … I have been feeling for some time that many of us have abilities which can be accessed as we raise our vibrations. Is this the case …? I have found this is beginning to be possible for me and I would like to be part of assisting others in realising their own potential.

    Many thanks Sheryl



  3. In what way is the Dec 2012 Mayan calendar reference point significant for humanity and earth?

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