Wake up and turn on the light

There is a time and a place for everything and now is the time for you all to wake up! Sleeping is no longer an option for those lightworkers who are here at this time to assist with the amazing shift of light energy that is occurring. And, if you are not yet wide awake, be assured that we will be helping to wake you up.

Those dramatic events that have been happening to you are wake up calls and none of you will be spared from being shaken to your core if you ignore the gentle reminders that we send to you to get your attention. If you ignore the gentle call, be assured that the call will get louder and louder until you can no longer ignore it. That is what is happening for many of you.

There will be changes in relationships, in the work that you do, in where and how you live, in your financial situations, in what you choose to do with your time and in how you think. So much is changing both in and around you. For it is not just you that is affected, it is everyone to some degree. The energy of the planet has changed and you need to adjust to those changes. It is not really an option.

And you do still have free will choice. What you get to choose is how you react and adjust to the changes. I will use my loving scribe as an example.

Her crash and burn as she calls the experience of last week was just one of those wake up calls. And indeed this was set up by herself before coming into this incarnation as a back up plan should she ignore the more gentle callings of her soul. Ignore the gentle reminders and you often get one that is easy to hear and hard to ignore. That is what happened, nothing more.

She chose to go down the easy road, the one that felt safe and secure with a steady income and secure benefits and little risk. She was playing it safe. But that is not what her soul is here to do. Her soul is here to shine brilliantly as are all of you here to do. No more hiding out in safe places. No more setting your self up in situations where your light does not get a chance to shine.

It’s time to come out of hiding and be all that you are – to do what you have come here to do – to live a life that allows you to shine so brightly that there is no mistake that yours is the role of lightworker. No more sleeping my friends. It’s time to turn on the light.

If you are faced with any challenges this week, no matter how big or how small, take some time and ask yourself what you really want, what you soul is craving for, not for what is safe and secure as you are used to choosing. Choose the road that you may not have yet traveled on, the one that gives you freedom and joy.

Let this guide your decision making:  When faced with a choice ask yourself if you are making your decision because it is the safe option or are you making the decision because it is what you really want to do. If you are choosing what is perceived to be safe, know that this choice is a sign that you are going into hiding. If you choose what you really want, what your soul is singing out for, you are coming out into the light – letting the world see who you really are.

And whatever you choose is okay for there is no right or wrong, there is just a movement away from light or towards it. And on a a soul level, you will no longer allow yourself to tolerate choices that hide your brilliance. For these situations, you have planned a wake up call to help shift you back towards the choice of light.

Each decision that you make has become important in this time of evolution as you shift to becoming the beings of light that you really are. This shift that each of you makes is very important for all of humanity. Just think what the world will be like when all of the lightworkers come out of hiding and shine in their brilliance. Darkness just disappears when enough light shines.

So don’t be discouraged if you seem to be in a difficult situation and see this as an opportunity to choose light instead of staying safe in the darkness of the old and familiar ways of being. Every challenge is really an opportunity to learn more about who you really are.

I love you – LOTS!


3 Responses to Wake up and turn on the light

  1. Quia B says:

    Brilliant message Sheryl and LOTS!! 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

    Sending you LOTS of love and light!!;)


  2. Ingrid Freitag says:

    Hi Sheryl, thank you for sharing your process. I really love to read your Blog and you feel really close, since we seem to have some common struggles. Do you know Distance Healer on Facebook, he really gives wonderful healing sessions to everyone who wants it for free. I just felt ihad to share this with you, if you are on FB you can look for him under Distance Healer and see for yourself, Love and Light to you, Ingrid

  3. matarikidimension says:

    Thanks Sheryl .. this message is a timely one. It is definitely a case of Carpe diem at the moment! I have been hiding for a very long time indeed.

    Posts like this one spur me on to Seize the day!

    I am so glad you are here to pass on these messages.

    Much love


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