I can’t believe what happened…

Since my back to work plan backfired, my time has been freed up to move forward with my dream of being self employed and working from home from the comfort of my lazy boy chair, connected to the world and clients via the internet.

I spent a few months exploring life purpose and career decision making tools. I used this information to develop my own process of determining my life purpose. The challenge for me was how to move into doing this work.

My dream is to write, to travel and to teach and help people around the world to find work that gives them meaning and makes this planet a better place to be. I can’t wait to start helping others move into living on purpose.

I have known what I wanted to do for a while and have been learning what I need to do to start doing my work that I came here to do. The challenge has been that I have been spinning my wheels, with so much to do that it felt overwhelming. I never knew where to start and I have so many different things that I am doing. It was getting confusing and overwhelming and I’ve had days when I just wanted to let go of the dream.

But the spirit beings around me intervened this week. I reread the message from Lady of the Sun yesterday and it hit me – Just ask for help!!! So I did.

Within about an hour I was guided to get a book at the library about publishing ebooks and I was reminded that I have at least 6 workshops related to employment that I can easily turn into ebooks. It all felt so perfect and I was inspired.

Today was a wonderful day at work.Once again, I am feeling great and am moving forward. Hurrah!!

I have a clear starting place and all the details are falling into place so perfectly. It is not at all what I had planned to do first, but it makes so much sense to start with something I feel very confident about and them moving on to do things that I feels a bit more nervous a bout doing.

The other really cool thing is that things are happening with amazing synchronicity. I’ve been feel uncomfortable in social situations so wrote the blog post about it. The feedback from the post let me know that many people are dealing with how to manage out in the world when you’d really rather be in hiding. And the brilliant business idea that came to me was to write guidebooks to help shy people deal with being uncomfortable  in a variety of situations, focused on the workplace which is my area of expertise.

I’m still in awe of how this all is just happening now that I’m back in the flow. So amazing! And all I did was ask the spirit beings for help.


3 Responses to I can’t believe what happened…

  1. sheryl says:

    Thanks so much Jayday. Your message brought tears of joy to my eyes. You’re right, I am already living my dream.

    It is amazing what life is like when you are in the flow. Things do just seem to fall into place.

    And, I plan to put my guides and angels on autopilot. Great tip!

    Blessings, sheryl

  2. Jayday says:

    What an inspiring message! Thank you!

    I too asked for help after reading your last post and immediately found myself inspired to move forward in things I have put off for months. Yes I feel things are shifting in fast forward and the syncronicities are everywhere!

    Here are just a few examples….I said ‘sweet puppy’ and heard those exact words on TV at the same time – I said let’s eat at BoneFish Grill at the same time I heard it on the radio. Im moving to Guangzhou China and met a girl at Pilates who works there and offered me a job. I considered renting my house and the next day a stranger knocks on my door and rented house for 3 years! CRAZY!

    After asking for help, I feel like we are finally in the flow of things. I’ve even invited my guides/angels to help even when I forget to ask for help! : ) hope that way they are never bored and neither are we!

    Thanks again for your special connection to spirit and for sharing your gift your gift with the world. You are already living your dream, more that you know!

    Beams of Gratitude,

  3. matarikidimension says:

    I can 🙂

    Great to hear you sounding so good and in the flow Sheryl.

    `Ask and ye shall receive’ … as they say


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