Social discomfort questions

Thanks for all of the amazing responses to the previous post about social discomfort – something I’ve been dealing with for my entire life. My Mom told me that as a kid, I spent a lot of time clamped on to her leg, peering out from behind at people. I’d love to have a picture of that. It would easily illustrate my social life.

Your response has motivated me to put together an information guide about how to deal with feeling uncomfortable around people, a sort of survival guide full of coping tips and real life stories. This is going to be a free ebook that will be available to launch a newsletter that I hope to get started this fall.

What I would like to know is what would you like to know about feeling better in social situations? What “how to” questions would you like answered?

I’ve already started to write a list of tips like

  • Plan ahead and know what you are going to say when people ask you something like “What are you doing this weekend” Planning ahead makes it easier to say something.
  • Ask the other person questions and let them do the talking – my favorite survival skill

What would you like to know about?  I’d love to get your feedback to help me know what other people struggle with.

When the ebook is done – I’ll send you a copy so you’ll have some ideas about how to move into actually being comfortable around people. I’m still working on this, but I have found a lot of things I do that make it easier.

I’d love to hear from you – sheryl


3 Responses to Social discomfort questions

  1. matarikidimension says:

    Hi Sheryl and Karla

    What you are saying is interesting regarding being sensitive to others’ energies.
    I have always felt uncomfortable in large crowds. The mix of energies I have always found too much to cope with … unless I can put myself in the appropriate mood which I guess means placing boundaries and protection around myself.
    For me the one to ones are never much of a problem but a crowd can bring on a panic attack … not always and it hasn’t happened to me for along time.
    I have found that if I stay centred in my heart that this helps a lot and also since I have begun to practice Reiki this also helps as I feel that it can neutralise the energy in pretty much the same way that love can.

    Interesting topic.


  2. sheryl says:

    There is definitely a link between being sensitive and being shy. Sometimes I think that shy is a response to protect ourselves from being too sensitive. This is an area of research I’m exploring.

    I really think that this is my challenge – When I’m around other people I can feel their energy and if it does not feel good, I want to retreat which often looks like I’m shy, but is really a way of not getting so overwhelmed by the feelings that arise.

    Thanks for bringing this up. I will explore more. This is a great topic for my soon to be newsletter.

    Thanks – sheryl

  3. Karla says:

    Ohh I have something to share with you. Something that has happened to me since I was a child is that I really have a hard time with “spontaneous encounters” and when meeting someone new. I felt maybe I was the only “lost case” in the whole world lol.

    Until recently I met this girl who has a very similar vibration to me. On the net. She is shy in some cases too. One time I shared this with her and she told me she has the exact same “problem”. We don’t really know if it is part of our shyness or maybe even something related to sensitivity. It’s like we have to get used to the new person’s vibration maybe, and most of the time people think we are very serious because of this, until they get to know us more and they end up knowing we can be very extroverted and fun.

    What do you think about this?

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