You all receive messages

Q. Lady of the Sun, what message do you have for us today?

A. There are many things that I wish to tell you but I have promised my scribe that this would be short and sweet today. She is dealing with some fears about doing this work and is feeling a bit perplexed about the information that she has been given about answering questions for other people.

This seems to be a pretty consistent issue that we see among all of you who will read these words. Beings in spirit are speaking to you all of the time and you either don’t believe that this is what you are receiving or you don’t trust that this could be real. These messages can be difficult to validate and it does require a measure of trust for you to accept that you do indeed have the ability to connect directly to the divine.

This is what we wish you to know – We are always sending you messages – all ways, always. Whenever you ask for anything help is being sent your way. Your guides, angels and beings in spirit are with you all the time. And our role is to support you to live the best life that you can.

You all have the ability to hear, see, feel, sense and know these messages. Your physical body has the equipment, so to speak, built in to allow you to use these senses. It is just that it is considered extra ordinary to have these abilities.

That is only what you were taught. Many religious groups and others in power do not want you to know that you have your own direct connection to the divine. For if you do, what is their role? And you do have this ability.

What is starting to happen is that these abilities are starting to become more ordinary, especially with the help of the internet where you can easily connect with others who have woken this up in their selves. The key for making this shift is to know, to believe, to remember that you can connect to us anytime that you choose. Make it ordinary and it will be so.

I love you LOTS!


One Response to You all receive messages

  1. Jane Provenzano says:

    Dear Sherl,

    I want to thank you for your wonderful messages. Thank you for being brave enough to allow such new and vital information to be spoken through you!!!

    I don’t worry about whether a channeling is coming from you, or your higher self, or a master or a space being. I listen to you and others channeling and see what it feels like to me. Is it heart centered, Is the information uplifting and helpful and sent from kindness and a sincere desire to help. I feel such joy and peace when I read your messages. Thank you for this most precious work you do, Blessyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jane

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