Multidimensional Aspects

Question: I am wondering how I might receive more specific information about other aspects of ME.

Steve Rother and the Group that he channels have been talking about the 12 aspects of our soul for about the past year. It was through a workshop I took with him that I was first formally introduced to this idea, but it is something I have known about myself for many years.

Here’s the link to some videos that Steve has done with Jim Self that talk more about this. It’s pretty basic information but will give you some idea of what this is about.

I learned a technique from Steve that allowed me to connect to the other 11 aspects of my soul. It is quite fascinating. I have aspects from different time periods and at least one that seems to be from another solar system.

After I did this for myself, I was told by my guides that I would be doing this work with others in the future.

I have been getting the how to information and more about being multidimensional¬† one piece at a time. Once I get this put together, I plan to begin teaching this and helping people to connect with their other 11 aspects. I’m getting close to having this together, but not yet. I still have more to learn and explore.

The lady of the sun has also told me that she has info to share about this and I will post what I can when the info is given to me.

In the meantime know that it is possible to have aspects of your soul in different times and from different places. We are being given the information to allow us to integrate these aspects of self who have many gifts and abilities. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do when all of this merges together.


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