Emotional Realignment

Emotional RealignmentIn a previous post, I referred to a self-help tool that I use to help me move through blocks that keep me from living well. I took a course called Conscious Core Transformation many years ago which is a technique that was based on something called the Results System.

I found this work really helpful, but it just did not quite fit my style of working with people, so over the years, I’ve fine tuned it into a simple, easy to learn tool that you can use yourself. I use this every time I get stuck and just need to know what is going on.

I needed a new name for this tool and Emotional  Realignment is what my guides suggested. It helps you to identify unconscious beliefs, fears, feeling and behaviors that are your automatic reaction to certain situations. You identify what you really want and what is getting in the way. With this information, you identify the situation in your life where you learned this pattern. Then you work with the aspect of yourself who is still using this way of coping to help you manage difficult situations. From there, an action plan is developed to move you into a new way of dealing with similar situations. It’s an awesome, life changing tool.

Part of my  plan is to teach this to others.  If there are enough people who are interested, I can put together a training package for the fall and set this up via the internet. There would be a charge for this training which would be somewhere around $50 for a 2 part session which would include 2 interactive small group teleseminars and a  workbook that you can download.

If you are interested in learning  this self help tool, let me know. If there are at least 6 people interested, I will offer this in the fall. Send me a message using the Contact Me link on the right hand side of the page.

Blessings, sheryl


3 Responses to Emotional Realignment

  1. mekia says:

    i would defiantly be interested, thank you your messages help me alot

  2. sheryl says:

    I’ll put you on the list. When there are 6 people interested, I’ll start the course.

  3. Nan Penney says:

    I am interested in this course, let me know how it is going. blessings Nan

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