Question for the Lady of the Sun:

I have noticed many spiritual people who have recently declared their sovereignty. Is it possible once we realize our God selves and our true internal light power, we then feel it natural to declare our power in a literal sense as in declaring sovereignty.

[I had to look sovereignty up on Google because I did not know what it was- Here’s some basic info: “Sovereignty is the exclusive right to exercise supreme political (e.g. legislative, judicial, and/or executive) authority over a geographic region, group of people, or oneself.” (from the Latin superanus, supremacy) In a democracy, sovereignty is considered to reside with the individual citizens. – sheryl]


I don’t mean to sound glib, but your question made me chuckle a bit, but don’t be offended. Your thinking is very much in alignment with so many who have or are considering applying for the process of sovereignty. If that is what you choose for yourself, then that is a good choice for you, but first I’d like to give you a perspective of sovereignty from my realm.

When it comes to being an individual human being, you are sovereign unto yourself. You are the one who is in complete charge of your life. It is not the institutions around you or the country that you live in that you are ruled by, so to speak, but you are an individual unto yourself.

If you choose to be part of a system or state or country, then yes, adopt that way of seeing yourself, but really you don’t belong to anyone or anything unless you choose this to be so. You are the master and creator of your own personal universe as it is. You are sovereign unto yourself and can choose to be part of something outside of yourself.

As far as being a spiritual being, the idea of sovereignty seems kind of silly, again from our perspective. For in the bigger picture, you are all part of the one, the divine source. Everything that you see and touch is part of the whole of divine source. Nothing exists outside of this for all is energy  as seen from a spiritual perspective.

So when it comes to being a sovereign spiritual being, this is not possible. You are part of the whole and cannot be separated. And why would you want to be?

I expect that this may cause some confusion for those who are exploring sovereignty as an option. And, I ask you to look inside yourself for that is really where the issue lies. It is most likely a separation from something within you that you are seeking escape from, something that is keeping you from being all that you can be. Spend some time to define what you want sovereignty from and then look within for there is a reflection of that issue within that can easily be healed.

And how to heal this? Just ask your guides and angels for help and it will be so. With this completed, you will once again see from a spiritual level and know that you indeed are part of the divine whole.

I love you LOTS!


2 Responses to Sovereignty

  1. What a great response! Another shift in perspective 🙂 !

  2. sandy says:

    I pray for soveriegnty from this material 3D system. The Legal system, financial system, health care system…I will be so glad to be free from all these rules and expectations! It is so exhausting. And all we really want to do is have fun! Thank you Lady of the sun and Sheryl. Love, Sandy

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