Energy shift

Lady of the SunI’m not sure if others have been feeling tired for the past few days, but I ended up sleeping 14 hours last night which is really unusual for me. I checked in with the the Lady of the Sun this morning and she told me that I am going through another energy adjustment to let go of the blocks that are affecting me right now, and that there is a planet wide energy adjustment happening.

Here’s what she has to say about this energy shift:

Do not be concerned about any unusual feelings that may come up for you right now be they physical like fatigue or emotional like an overwhelming sadness that seems unrelated to your life. Many of you will be feeling much over the next while, about a week as you know it.

10-10-10 will bring a download of light energy that will be unprecedented. A gateway will be opened and light will stream into the planet, all living things, all matter and each and every cell within your body. What is occurring at this time is a cleansing of the older denser energy to make way for the light.

You have dealt with this before and it is part of the process that is moving the planet into the state of what you are calling ascension, which to us means full of light and love.

So you have an opportunity to participate consciously in the downloading of light if you choose. Just set your intention that you are ready for this process and it will happen without you doing anything other than saying yes. We just need your permission to begin this light process for you.

If you do agree to anchor in this light energy, you may be feeling unusual feelings as I previously mentioned. Wherever you are holding dense energy will be cleansed, which will dislodge more of the guck that is stuck there and create symptoms as you may call it that match the area being worked on.

If your guck is a lot of stuck sadness, you may feel the sadness being released. If you store a lot of anxious tension in your neck, you may feel discomfort as this energy is released and so on. It could be both physical and emotional energy that moves out and you feel as it moves.

On 10-10-10 the light energy surge will be at it’s peak and the cleansing may continue for some of your during this time. Do not be alarmed. Just take care of yourself until it is completed.

This is a good time to be with people who you love and share time and space with your beloved pets, for they too may be experiencing similar feelings and just need the support of another who is also bringing in more light. Spend time being aware of how much love you have for others, your pets and the world around you. Having gratitude for all will assist in making this energy shift.

Be good to your selves. I love you LOTS!


9 Responses to Energy shift

  1. emma says:

    I recently read somewhere that 21/10/10 is the real shift and not 21/12/12 (ie the Mayans could have been out by a year or 2). Maybe this resonates with someone??

    I am psychic and confirmed the oldest soul. I have been ill for 7/8 yrs. The same happened for me during the 1983/4/5/6/7 ascension. That was small fry compared to now!

    I have been close to death many times this time round, especially when kundalini entered my body. It released such horror/pain/terror and fear .I prayed all the time.

    I have moved on somewhat since then. This Lunar Eclipse Dec 2010 I developed HERPES and SHINGLES. Very sick BUT….. Viruses are created during the ascension to burn out old DNA! I’m trying to see this as positive, because as an old soul I MUST be healing ancestral patterns for future inhabitants.


  2. jo says:

    I have a feral cat the I have sheltered for many years–about 7 I think an dshe has always been stand-offish If i tried to pet her I would get bitten or deeply scratched. On Saturday, she decided to climb into my arms and started purring, she kissed me by licking very gently and when I responded by petting her, she purred loudly and leaned into it. She wouldnt let me stop and kept nudging my hand again and again. Perhaps she was feeling the energy too! (?) She has never been friendly with anyone at all but would allow my husband to pick her up if he didnt try to pet her–if he tried she would slap and leave. What a difference!

    I am not really a cat person–I am allergic to them so now I have to deal with a cat that wants to be loved and not just cared for. Maybe I will receive healing for my allergy as well.

  3. Lennis says:

    WOW! Your energy shift explanation is great. I requested the light process to begin “NOW”! I was feeling not sad, not happy just inbetween. No appetite, feeling somewhat confused. After reading the energy shift, my goodness it answered all my body, and spiritual present dilemma’s or concerns.
    Thank you ever so much. Nothing beats the understanding, and communication.

    Thanks again, Lennis

  4. Dorothy says:

    well this post was very timely, here is what I posted a minute ago in my group about how I have been feeling….
    I feel like something big has changed in my inner and outer world. Basically I feel very unmoored. Like I have nothing to hold onto anymore, nothing to tie me up or down. I am floating. Not sure how to explain it. I keep waiting for something but not sure what. I go to work but don’t feel useful or like it matters. I am not feeling connected…. to work, to home, to people, to my spouse. Some days I wonder what I am doing here and when will I know? Where am I going?? I have to force myself to even care. Ugh. Maybe it’s the month I just spent in pain…maybe I released a bunch of stuff with it. I suspect we are all feeling a bit like this these days….floating like balloons in the wind…

    So I read this post of yours and immediately felt teary. I have just spent a month with shingles, and only now is it abating but now I have other places that are hurting, particularly in my abdomen. I wondered if I was releasing old energies there, I know I held in a lot over the years. I hope that is what is going on.

    I keep waking up at night when I used to sleep the whole night…normal wake ups are at 1:34 and 4-4:30. I wake up thinking the night is over and I have to get up soon and it’s not! LOL I figure I am getting worked on.

    I am sooo tired and have little energy, I miss being able to go all day and feel good. I just want to sit down and rest all the time. Naps sound really enticing but I can’t while I am at work lol. I keep saying, I want to feel good again!! When??? Please??

    aarrgghhhh I am tired of feeling yucky…..

  5. Gwendolyn says:

    Oh wow! speaking of cats! this stray has suddenly “adopted” us. He’s not happy with just being fed, he wants to LIVE with us. and I have been feeling strange lightness in my abdomen that is bizaare! And my sacrum! holy ow! it has been sooooo sore. weepy! omg! even after my period is over, I am so emotional, but not in a drama queen kind of way, just soooooooooo open hearted~more than usual! I have started loving everyone and everything around me more deeply and intensely. and suddenly the energy is shifting big time. Negative energy is leaving and good things are piling up so quickly!! Good and more good!! Thank you, Sheryl and LOTS! I really am breaking through! we all are!

  6. sheryl says:

    Always helps me to know I’m not alone. My cats just won’t leave me alone these days. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens after this shift.

  7. Kate I says:

    Yes Sheryl, I’ve been feeling incredibly tired for the past week or two and also very emotional which isn’t really “the norm” for me. I woke up twice last night recieving downloads of energy and vibrating so much that I couldn’t move my body for awhile. I just told my guides and angels that I was OK with this as I dodn’t want to slow down the process. Every day seems to get more and more unusual!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Thank you so much for this message. I am feeling this goo, and I have also felt concerned about what will happen on 10-10 with that energy change. I plan to ask my angels for a bit of a reprieve if I have too many days of feeling like I got hit by a truck, or the body aches don’t abate.
    Wishing you wellness!

  9. Funny that you also mention with sharing time and space with your pets as well, as I was moved to do yesterday (more than usual I should add). I had gotten some spiritual insight as a result, which I posted about last night. Thanks for the confirmation 🙂 !

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