Lady of the Sun – What fear really is

Lady of the SunThere is LOTS of information that I wish to convey to all of you and there is a sense of urgency in getting these messages out. I have asked my scribe to post more often to keep this information accessible to all of you.

I wish to tell you a bit more about myself so you can understand the relationship that I have with so many of you as you will learn in the upcoming days.

Many of us were together at the time of Lemuria and it is part of my job at this time to assist all of you to connect with the information and skills that you all had in that lifetime. it is time for this information to awaken as the world needs the skills and work that you are here to do to assist with the shift into the 5th dimension of light, what you call ascension. This shift is happening, but not at the rate that we had hoped.

You have a condition here on earth that is somewhat unique to people of earth. You have fear that lasts for generation and carries on from person to person through your learning. Much of what you now fear has NOTHING to do with your current day to day lives and everything to do with things that have happened in the past. It is a condition of fear that has been carried genetically for most of you and behaviorally for all of you.

Your fears are learned fears and have NOTHING to do with NOW. Fear is always a thought that what happened in the past will happen in the future. There is a slight chance of this happening, but a very slim one, for today is not the past. Today is NOW. When you are in the now, there is very, very little to fear.

Sure if a big dog is running towards you in a menacing way, fear is an appropriate response, for this gives you the awareness and energy to do something about the situation and keep yourself safe. But this is not how most of you use fear.

What you mostly do with fear is more like, you had an experience in the past when a dog triggered this feeling of fear. It may be that you were face to face with a dog, or you may have seen something on TV or someone around you may have told you a story about a dog. Or you may have a genetically carried cellular memory of “dog” that you came in with, either from a past life or from the history of your family lineage.

And then with this LEARNED fear, you have a reaction to a dog that you see in the NOW. You are not in danger NOW, but your body acts as if you are in danger and you have whatever automatic response you have developed to cope this this type of fear, which is different for all of you. You have your own unique system of responses that you have learned and now react to.

This is what makes you unique from most other species, the automatic reaction to something that at some time caused a feeling of fear that gets triggered in the NOW. Most of what you are reacting to is simply a thought in your mind.

It is fear that has been keeping many of my Lemurian brothers and sisters from waking up and remembering what you came here to do. It is time to move beyond the fear,  to bring in the information and skills that you had in what you know as your past and use these skills to heal your self and those around you.

I will leave you with this thought. Consider how fear stops you from doing so many things and discover how it is really most often a learned thought that is holding your back.

It is time to get on with your work which for many means learning to put the fear aside and just do what you came here to do.

Make an effort to stay in the moment of NOW and see what happens to most of those fears that you carry. And remember always,

I love you – LOTS!


3 Responses to Lady of the Sun – What fear really is

  1. Rosana says:

    Wow this is super timing! but as Cheryl said “it creeps back in”. I guess for me it’s hard to let go because these recurring dreams that I have.. I’m always being chased with a baby in my arms and wake up feeling “physically tired”. I’ve experienced healing in other recurring dreams before where it/I changed the plot to a positive ending and then I knew it was healed for good cause it didnt come back so I am hoping that the same can happen soon with this chasing one.
    “Remembering who I am and do what I came here to do is what I want more than anything but so far I haven’t got a clue though”.

    An invitation:If the lines don’t work during daytime please connect to me in my dreams LOTS
    Thank you 🙂
    Love and Light

  2. Cheryl says:

    Oh, this is so easy to think you can achieve (brushing that fear aside), and then it creeps back in…thanks for the reminder.

  3. Gwendolyn says:

    wow. JUST had a conversation with my husband about fear of the future and I was encouraging him to stay in the now! Instant affirmation! I know now that I am not to worry with him. I am moving more in alignment with trust in my Christed I AM Presence.

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