Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada and I find myself feeling so grateful for the abundance that I have in my life and the freedom that living here gives me.

I spent most of the weekend doing 2 of my most favourite things to do, travelling and spending time with one of my daughters. The two of us went to Pennsylvainia for a couple of days to learn more about the Amish culture. We also spent a half day visiting a cloister that a man set up after he chose to leave Germany in the 1700’s to be free to practice spirituality as he defined it.

It all left me feeling so grateful to be in a place where I can  believe what I choose and celebrate being a spiritual person without being persecuted. It made the fears that have been surfacing in me over the past few months seem to be nothing in comparison to the hardship and suffering of the people who left Europe because so many were tortured and killed because of what they believed in.

I’m also so grateful for all of you. My life has changed in many positive ways because you have taken the time to read this blog and send me feedback. I have found the courage and inspiration to move into doing a different type of work because of all of you. A big Thanksgiving thank you to everyone!

And, almost 50 people have signed up for the newsletter over the weekend. I’m going to be busy next week passing along messages in my new role as scribe for the Lady of the Sun. This too I am grateful for. I feel honored and humbled to be asked to do this work. I’m not sure “why me?” When I ask, I’m just told, “Why not you?”

Whatever the reason, I’m feeling full of love and gratitude today. I’m sure the energy shift from yesterday has something to do with that, along with a lovely couple of days of just enjoying beautiful scenery and good company and amazing food.

I leave you with another big THANK YOU for being part of my life.

Blessings, sheryl


5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. sheryl says:

    Thanks all. I am so blessed.

  2. Gwendolyn says:

    That is amazing. I went through what I suspect is old fear from past life experiences this week concerning being ridiculed for my spiritual beliefs. This is an issue that weighs on me. Even my friends that love and adore me still think that I am “away with the faerie” even while they give me the space and freedom to be and think and live the way I choose. But I am terrified of “Bible Thumpers” and I got whacked over the head by a couple of them this week. I was gracious throughout it, and just decided that if they didn’t know, I couldn’t be bothered to catch them up. You know, “Pearls before swine” and all.
    Thanks for all you do, Sheryl,and for having the courage to do it. You are a blessing to me.

    • Gwen,

      One of the ingrained attitudes in our culture seems to be that we are somehow obligated to share what we believe with others. And along with that comes the notion that if we do not we are somehow being dishonest. BS! But then I also believe that just because the phone rings, I am not obligated to answer it 😉 . Imagine.

      If people you care about aren’t receptive, don’t share. If they are judgmental of your beliefs, don’t give them a target. Unbeknownst to them, they are the ones who miss out on what gifts you may have been able to offer… ah well. So be it.

      Enjoy the ability to follow your beliefs and reveal in the times and folks you can share them with 🙂

  3. Rosana says:

    That’s Beautiful Sheryl,
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I am grateful to have this space to come to, your blog messages are truly helpful:-)
    Love and Light

  4. matarikidimension says:

    How grateful I am to have met YOU! Love to you Sheryl
    & Thank YOU!

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