Lady of the Sun – Your Mission

Oh, If only you could see the light that we see around your beloved earth today. So many of you chose to anchor in the light energy that began to download in a new way as the 10-10-10 gateway was opened. Well done!!!

If you are now wondering what comes next, I’ll give you a little clue…. what comes next is up to you. You are all creators of your own life story, more so now than ever before. You are beginning to understand more about the process of co-creation with God, or Source, or the Divine, or whatever term you choose to use.

Manifesting what you desire, be it abundance or be it peace is a co-creation process, meaning that you set the intention and then that source of all that is works with that intention to manifest the perfect life and the perfect situations to bring you to where you want to be.

And know, that most often that co-creation process involves action on your part.  There is only so much that beings in spirit can do from behind the scenes. We rely on others like this scribe of mine to be the eyes, ears, hands and hearts of the divine on the earth plane. All of you reading these words have that as a common mission or you would not be reading this today after the amazing energy shift that has happened to all of you.

You all came to the earth plane at this time to carry out a mission, and for each of you it is similar and for each of you it is different, your mission, that is.

Your mission is two fold and relates to the questions that you will be asked when you leave the earth plane to return to your true home in the dimension of who you know as spiritual beings. In truth we walk beside you, just vibrating at another frequency with less density than you have taken on. You are quite literally doing all of the heavy work, while we do the lighter work, but we all work for the same divine source of love that is all that is.

Enough of the philosophizing and on with what I need to tell you now at this turning point in earth’s history.

You ALL came for the same reason – to learn and to love. The learning relates to your spiritual growth, how much you manage to raise your spiritual vibration through all of the trials and tribulations that you chose to take on in this life time. And for most of you reading this, you chose very difficult lessons in order to have the potential for much growth.

And more importantly, you are here to love, to share the essence of who you really are with those around you, the animals, the minerals, the people and the planet as a whole. And the main way that you demonstrate and live this love is through your unique mission, what you came here to do at this time.

It is like your TV show of old, that most of you are too young to remember, but my scribe remembers it well for it helped to set the tone of who she has become.

The show started with the main character being given a mission with these words, “Should you choose to accept it”, for going on a mission is a choice. And, always, the main character chose to accept the mission. It was always full of challenges, highs and lows, but always, always, the mission was accomplished.

You have a choice about following through with your mission, the chosen task that you planned to do to assist earth through this enormous time of change to a planet of light. Most of you likely have forgotten this mission that you planned, but many of you have always known, and all of you are close to remembering. The next step is up to you.

Do you choose to accept the mission, knowing that it may be filled with challenges and highs and lows? If you have answered, “Yes”, then know that help is on the way through all of the guides and angels and earth angels who are here now to work with you to support these unique missions.

You are not alone and if you choose to accept your mission, like the show, you will not fail, as long as you grasp the concept of co-creation with the divine, the source of your help. You can follow your mission journey on your own, but it is oh so much easier to have company along the road.

Your company while on earth are those beings who have been asked to serve as messengers for us beings in spirit. Until you open your own channel to communicate, we have assigned many of you to act as translators, for that is really what you are doing, making the information that we send understandable to those who are awaiting help.

And help comes in the form of other people, for that is the mission of most of you who are reading this, you are here to assist each other in a thousand and more ways, through healing, support, information sharing, teaching, loving and many, many more forms of service. And the time of service is now.

You will find, if you said, “Yes”, that you will be guided into doing that which is your mission. But, don’t quit your day job just yet. What you are here to do may actually include staying right where you are depending on who you are here to serve. The majority of you are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you came here to do.

We sat with a beautiful woman the other evening who did not say much. But the entire time we were in her presence, she was living her mission, which is to love. Just by being in the room, she was doing her work, feeling love and sharing that with all of those who gathered.

This is an example of how it will be for so many. Just keep doing what you are doing. The difference after today is that you will be doing your work with intention, knowing that you are here to serve in the capacity that you are already serving, that your work becomes your spiritual journey, part of demonstrating how much you love.

But, and there is always a but, for many of you, you are way off course related to what you came here to do. You know who you are. Most of you are unhappy, hate going to work every day, feel unsatisfied, trapped and don’t know what to do. You are the ones who have the most work to do to get yourselves back on task, to live your mission.

And, I want to again remind you, there is an abundance of support available to you. All you need to do is ask and then watch for the information that we send to you through circumstances and other people and through your own intuition.

Now is the time that the planet is preparing for the awakening of light, for all of you reading this, to get on with your work, your mission, to continue to learn and to continue to love in the unique way that you chose for yourself.

I leave you with a final thought. What is the fear that is keeping you from taking a leap of faith and getting on with the work that your heart is yearning to do? And a reminder, that fear is only a thought and you have the power to change any thought. You just have to want to do it and then just do it.

We are here to help you always. There are many, many beings of light walking on earth who are here to help you. And, if you accept your mission, there will be many, many more beings of light walking on earth, here to help each other, the lightworkers, of which you are one.

I love you all, LOTS!


4 Responses to Lady of the Sun – Your Mission

  1. essenesfordummiesnow says:

    Such great news!!! Your messages always resonate so much, thanks a lot!! I am finally doing the things I truly enjoy, recently left my old job and it feels sooo good!!!

    I am still gathering some pieces and more “clues” but I know I am doing what I must, somehow.

    Much love to you and everyone here.

  2. I can so relate to being where I need to be. I have felt strongly for some time that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. However I also know that this “place” this “job” will be ending in 8 months. I am anxious, not so much in finding another job, as in find THE job, just as this one turned out to be the perfect job for me at this time.

    I am practicing surrendering to the Universe to lead me to the “Right” job, the right circumstances. But I definitely feel a lot of anxiety over it, as I have fallen into a “wrong” job before and had to remove myself from it. Of course I realize that from another perspective that was a life lesson (more like a dozen!), I just don’t want to end up making that mistake again…so I’m afraid I will overlook something, or talk myself out of or into something.

    I’ve asked that things be very clear, so there is no mistaking whether the opportunity I have before me now is the best one for me (and my mission) at this time.

    Thanks for speaking to this very thing today.

  3. Clésis says:

    Thank you very much. After all you´ve said, I understand better what I´m doing here. Thanks a lot !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks you.I feel like in my growing confidence, peace and love for all .

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