Lady of the Sun – Your higher self MIND

I’m working with a coach for the next couple of weeks to help me overcome the blocks that keep getting in the way of me doing the work I feel called to do – to help others find & live life on purpose. With the support of my coach, I have had huge insights the last 2 days. This message I was given by the Lady of the Sun today is a simple way for me to understand one of my biggest blocks – the fear of just doing it. I thought I’d share it with you…….

Hi there my dear,

There is no hurry to do anything. Everything is falling into place in perfect order and timing. All that is missing is trust, faith and acceptance that all is well.

It is good that you understand how your mind causes you to feel so many things and brings about certain experiences. Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine.

Equate your MIND to your higher self and your  mind as your ego, where you have operated from for so long. MIND is in direct connection with God. You are connected to God and have a direct line with God as does everyone on the planet. It is just that most people are not aware of this connection and think with ego mind only.

To connect with higher self MIND, you need to learn to differentiate between thoughts from your higher self MIND and thoughts from your ego self – ego mind. They work together in harmony once the fear is removed, once you let go of trying to control everything around you and learn to trust what is and the perfection of things.

Your higher self MIND knows the perfect solution to every situation and know that there is no need to fear anything happening. That is how ego mind protects you from harm, through anticipating what could happen so that you can plan your safety.

Whenever you let ego mind be in control, you are in survival mode, watching always for danger, anticipating the worst, and coming up with a solution for every problem that might arise and every risk that may be faced. All ego mind want to do is to feel good and safe and secure, which is what survival is all about. Ego mind’s role, bottom line, is to ensure that you survive.

Some of you have learned to call ego mind, your monkey mind, for indeed it is the more primitive part of your nature, programmed with all of the basic ability to survive in the natural world. You keep on the look out for any risk, and do what you need to in order to avoid any danger associated with that risk. As the thoughts that protect you from risk become automatic, so do the associated action that you do to keep yourself safe.

Let’s look at your life right now as an example of how your ego mind and your  higher self MIND are at work. For clarity, I will call your ego mind, Henry, and your higher self MIND, George. Got it?

So, you are trying to get a business up and running so that you can do what you really want to be doing – following your passion, and not feeling the need to return to a job that you don’t want to be doing. Here is where Henry and George come in.

Henry is all about safety and security. It is his job to ensure that you survive and that you feel okay most of the time. Henry sees the world around him as being full of danger and he is constantly on guard, monitoring what is going on both inside of you and around you, ready to protect at a moment’s notice.

Henry sees and hears that you are doing things differently than you used to. You want to try doing new things and this makes Henry nervous. Henry does not like new things, because with the new comes new risks. He is well prepared to deal with dangers that he knows about. He has a automatic action plan to put into place with these familiar risks.

Like, if you were going to go for a walk in the woods where you know bears live, Henry would be on guard all of the time, paying attention and watching for any sign of danger. If you do see a bear, Henry has a plan. His plan is to get to safety as soon as possible. His family has taught him to run away from the bear, and his experience has shown him that if he runs away from the bear, nothing bad can happen to him. He is safe.

He has an automatic programmed response to a bear that he sees while walking in the woods, and he feels secure knowing what to do if that should happen.

But imaging Henry is out walking in the woods and he sees a creature that he has never seen before. It is loud and vicious looking and he feels fear when he sees it. He feels at risk and searches his database of stored knowledge about creatures and cannot find the one that he sees before him. He feels at risk, but has no plan about how to deal with this type of creature.

He then automatically does what he would do with a creature like the bear. He feels the same feeling – fear and he automatically does what he is programmed and learned to do with a bear – he runs the other way to find safety.

What he does not know, is that the creature is caught in a trap and is in need of help. His automatic reaction to run away keeps him from that awareness. The creature is hurt and crying for help. It is really a peaceful creature with the potential to be a great companion for Henry, but he does not risk finding that out. His fear of something similar has caused his automatic reaction and he just runs away.

That is similar to what has been happening to you. You are facing an unknown creature, in this case working in your own business. You are doing new things and Henry is feeling pretty nervous. He has dealt with work situations before and has learned that when the situation feels bad, it is best for him to run away – leave the job behind.

Henry is familiar with working for someone else and has a plan for what to do when it gets scary, but he is not familiar with this type of situation. It’s new and he has no automatic action plan for safety, so he is drawing on what he knows and is running away by making it difficult for you to do things. Doing the new is very risky to him and he is just trying to keep you safe.

Now, we’ll talk about George. George sees the situation from a very different perspective. His job is not to keep you safe as Henry does, but his job is to help make your live as wonderful and amazing as it really can be.

George has a direct line of communication with the guides and angels you work with and with Source, that you often call God. George knows that you are safe. He never questions that truth. He knows what you are here to do and knows exactly what you can be doing to create the type of life you want to be living. George can see into the future potential of how your life can be.

George has no fear, just a knowing that everything is perfect just the way it is, that you are on the right track, you have everything you need and there is NO-thing to fear.

So what is playing out is that George is urging you to go forward, to try new things, to get yourself out there in the world and start doing the things that will result in the lifestyle you would like to have, working from home and having time to do all of the other things that bring you pleasure. George knows without a doubt that you are not at any risk of harm – NONE.

Henry is not convinced about this. He hears George tell him that, but believes what he has learned over the years, that anything new has the potential to be dangerous and that his job is to keep you safe.

And, whenever Henry feels unsafe, he goes into automatic action for protection, he does whatever worked before to eliminate the risk so he knows that you will be safe. He is doing what he has learned to do and is not so open to learning new ways of doing things.

So George’s job right now is to teach Henry that he can do new things AND be safe. The best way for him to do that is by you following George’s guidance to move forward and just keep reminding Henry that his is safe, there is no danger and that the past will not repeat itself, for it CANNOT. There is absolutely no chance of the same thing happening.

It is going to take time for Henry to learn that he is really safe in this new environment, doing new things. He will remain on guard and until he is convinced that this is true. He will continue to remind you to be careful. He’s just doing his job. Eventually he will believe what George has been trying to tell him, that it’s time to retire and let George take over.

What you can be doing is paying attention to Henry and telling him over and over that it is okay to do things that are not familiar, that the past cannot repeat and that everything that might be like a bear, is not necessarily a bear, but may be a good companion in disguise.

You can learn to ignore Henry’s fear and not allow him to do what is automatic – to run away.  And in time, he will know that he is living in a different world – one that is safe and even enjoyable.

You can just do what George keeps prompting you to do, even if it does raise uncomfortable feelings, for those feelings are coming from Henry, your protector who is ready to retire.

So, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing what your heart, your higher self, your god self knows is right for you. Learn to let George be your guide and see what begins to happen.

Blessings my dear. I love you – LOTS!


7 Responses to Lady of the Sun – Your higher self MIND

  1. Eleanor says:

    Thank you Sheryl, I can so relate and it is good to see that others can too.
    So good to see it in print

  2. sheryl says:

    I too really needed this message. I’m learning to value what Henry has always done for me and to let him know that George is taking over so he can retire and have some fun. Seems to be working…. I’m actually getting more done without the fear. Amazing!

  3. Karla SM says:

    Thank you very much. Today this was exactly my own situation. I had to do an activity I was so afraid of, because these days again I am clearing a lot, so exactly today I was facing something very deep, but in spite of that, I knew I had to do it. It all came out so well, so smooth, but I know my own Henry must get used to it.

    We must be very patient with ourselves.

  4. Cheryl says:

    yeah, ditto with me. Thanks, Lady of the Sun and Sheryl.

  5. Thank you very very much!!! This text was what I needed today… In my case, the scenario is absolutely the same!

  6. Gwendolyn says:

    Thanks! I needed this today!

  7. Kate I says:

    Thanks Sheryl…this was just what I needed to hear right now…different circumstances but same scenario happening!

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