Survey Results & Online Meditation & Messages Group

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey I posted a while back to find out what topics you are most interested in learning more about. Here’s the top 3 choices:

  1. Connecting with your spirit guides
  2. How to discover your life purpose
  3. How to identify and overcome blocks to success

I am working on putting together some ebooks and programs to help you learn all of these. I’ve decided to start with a work book that walks you through how to discover your life purpose. This will be available as a free download on my website soon. It’s just being tested out by a few of my friends and will be available in November. Thanks again for your help to guide the direction of my work.

I will be offering a monthly Online Meditation & Messages Group  on the 3rd Monday of each month starting  November 15th at 6:30 pm EST. The cost to participate is $30 CAD.

The online Meditation & Messages group will include an information session where I will be sharing information about spiritual topics based on what group members are interested in. There will be a guided meditation and a channeled message. The best part, is that you will also be able to ask a personal question and received a channeled response. And the bonus for participants  is that you will have access to the recording to listen to or download.

I’ll be sharing the details when I get all of the technical stuff sorted out.

Blessings, sheryl




One Response to Survey Results & Online Meditation & Messages Group

  1. Karla SM says:

    Wonderful!!! Looking forward to it.


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